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Who Is Carla Cutugno, Toto Cutugno Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Who is Carla Cutugno, Toto Cutugno wife? After Toto Cutugno passed away, people were interested in learning more about his disease. 

The singer-songwriter’s lengthy illness, which he had been battling for some time, ultimately claimed his life. 

Cotugno actually passed away at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan, where he was admitted due to worsening his condition. 

He beat prostate cancer in 2007, but not before he had problems standing and lost his right kidney. 

According to his manager Danilo Mancuso, Toto Cutugno passed away at the Milanese hospital where he had just been admitted. His wife must be suffering greatly from losing the man she loved so much. 

Let’s get into this article to learn more about Toto Cutugno wife and other personal details regarding their life.

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Who Is Carla Cutugno, Toto Cutugno Wife?

From 1971 till his passing in 2023, Cutugno was wed to Carla Cutugno. He had Nico, his sole child from an adulterous relationship, in 1990.

Toto Cutugno Wife has never shared very much about her personal life, but they were very happy in their relationship.

Carla did not come from the entertainment industry, thus, little is known about her. We know she has a great soul, a huge heart, and courage. 

Toto Cutugno Wife
Toto Cutugno Wife is devastated by her husband’s death. (Source: Internet)

After her catastrophic absence, which cost her her husband—the most significant guy in her life—I wonder if she will talk about it. 

When we undoubtedly see her celebrate her final farewell to the great Italian artist, we’ll see what transpires during her funeral. 

He rose to stardom thanks to the song “L’Italiano,” included in his self-titled album released in 1983. 

At the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb, Croatia, SFR Yugoslavia, Cutugno won with the song “Insieme: 1992,” for which he also wrote the lyrics and music.

In 1976, their first year of competition, Albatros finished third at the Sanremo Music Festival with the song “Volo AZ 504”. 

Cutugno left Albatros in 1978 to concentrate on his solo career after the song “Santamaria de Portugal” scored yet another chart triumph. 

In 1979, he produced the number-one smash song “Soli” by Adriano Celentano. 

Wikipedia And Age Carla Cutugno

Carla Cutugno is not in Wikipedia, but her husband is. She might be in her early 80s now.

The well-known Italian singer-songwriter and composer has been wed to Carla since 1971; Carla is a very quiet person who has never given in to fame. The couple was childless. 

Their long-lasting union, which spanned over 50 years, experienced difficult times, beginning with the birth of their son Nicohad during one adulterous affair. 

The artist revealed it to them in an interview with Corriere della Sera in 2018. “Nico? I informed him that Carla and I were still wed and that we were hoping to have a child.

Toto Cutugno Wife
His wife Carla has stood by him and shown herself as a kind, wise woman. (Source: Age Foto Stock)

And that Cristina and I have this son together, Nico. Carla had the option of ejecting me, but she chose not to. Instead, he instructed me to immediately identify my son and give him my last name. 

The singer-songwriter said, “Our country should focus on those many good Italian people. Nico Cutugno is 28 years old today, has a degree in economics, and is one of them.

He later recalled his 33-year-old son Nico’s bond with them. 

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