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Who Is Dwayne Haskins Sister Tamia? Family Tree

People are curious to learn about Dwayne Haskins sister Tamia. Dwayne Haskins’ family and friends eulogize a loving man who was more than a football player.

In the midst of the biggest football season of his life, he flew from Ohio State to Maryland for a Friday night gig.

Tamia, preparing to perform in a high school play, sees him enter the hall of an auditorium, beaming, and she bursts with joy.

Haskins watched her play, then stayed for hours, gave Chipmunk flowers, signed autographs for others in attendance, and even helped clear chairs.

He really cares about his sister’s budding stage career. “Whenever Dwayne could go there, he would always sit in the front row and scream: ‘That’s my sister!’ Tamia spoke here on Sunday. 

Who is Dwayne Haskins sister Tamia? Let’s get into this article till the end to learn about his sister and other personal details regarding his life.

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Who Is Dwayne Haskins Sister Tamia?

Dwayne Haskins sister name is Tamia. Tamia Haskins’ voice cracked, tears rolled down her cheeks,  emotion evident after her brother’s sudden death.

The sister of the former Pittsburgh Steelers, Dwayne Haskins, shared who her brother is and what he means to her twice over the weekend at two different memorial services.

Dwayne Haskins Sister
Dwayne Haskins sister will always miss him. (Source: Twitter)

She talks about his tattoo that says, “My sister’s keeper.”

She mentioned that she feels like her brother, Dwayne, is still watching her, and she feels her presence every single time and expects him to walk through her door every time. She thinks he is her guardian.

At another event honoring Haskins at her alma mater, Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, she once again delivered a touching memory. 

She mentioned that she loves him more than anything and will always miss him.

Family Tree Of Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins sister will always miss him. (Source: Twitter)Talking about Dwayne Haskins’s family, his father is Dwayne Haskins Sr., and his mother’s name is Tamara.

As mentioned earlier, Dwayne Haskins sister is Tamia. They organized a memorial service for their son and brother, Dwayne Haskins, on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at Christ Church in Rockaway, N.J. 

Dwayne Haskins, an NFL quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers who grew up in New Jersey, died after being fatally struck by two cars on April 9 in Florida. 

Dwayne Haskins, 24, died on April 9 when she was hit by a truck on a highway in Florida. 

Unbearably two weeks later, family, friends, teammates, coaches, mentors and others gathered for three memorial services, the first in Pittsburgh on Friday, the first in Pittsburgh on Friday. 

Second near his hometown in New Jersey on Saturday and third time at his high school here. Maryland on Sunday night.

Dwayne Haskins sister
He was so young, and so talented. Everyone will miss him always. (Source: YouTube )

Haskins’ parents did not attend Friday’s ceremony but spoke at Celebration of Life on Saturday and comforted their daughter Tamia with praise for her brother on Sunday. 

Haskins’ widow, Kalabrya, sat in the front row of the stands and occasionally lifted her sunglasses to wipe her tears. 

Haskins’ life celebration emphasizes that he is more than just a quarterback. His “irresistible smile” lit up the video board at Kline Alumni Stadium, moving many people. 

Darren Haynes, the ceremony host, opened the proceedings by asking all attendees to raise their hands if Haskins touched their lives, and hundreds of arms were thrown into the air. 

Dozens of them tell the story of a selfless introvert who made every day brighter. 

About an important rookie who stayed long after Bullis games to entertain the college students and once talked enough about a substitute that the kids asked for him, too. 

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