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Who Is Emma Isaacs Lesbian Partner Azure Antoinette? Sexuality Revealed

Is Emma Isaacs lesbian? Emma has openly discussed her true sexual orientation, and she is currently in a relationship with Azure Antoinette, a poet and speaker.

Emma Isaacs is an Australian businesswoman and the founder of Business Chicks, a community for professional women.

She started business early, purchasing a recruitment company called Staff It when she was 18 years old.

At age 25, Emma attended her first Business Chicks event. She was so inspired that she later bought and became the CEO of the Business Chicks company.

Under Emma’s leadership, Business Chicks has hosted many famous speakers like Richard Branson, Nicole Kidman, Jamie Oliver, Bob Geldof, and Arianna Huffington.

In 2016, Emma was named one of the top nine most influential women entrepreneurs in Australia by the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper.

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Who Is Emma Isaacs Lesbian Partner Azure Antoinette?

On February 14, 2023, Isaacs shared with the public that she is in a relationship with Azure Antoinette, who is a speaker and poet.

Azure is a poet, recording artist, entrepreneur, and advocate for arts education.

She was first discovered at the Women’s Conference, where she was commissioned to perform her signature poetry style by Maria Shriver.

Emma Isaacs lesbian
The beautiful photograph taken of Emma and Azure together (Source: Instagram)

Her performances and storytelling have been featured in Oprah Magazine.

She has also opened shows and written material for various high-profile people and brands like Elizabeth Gilbert, Clean & Clear, The GAP, Lady Gaga, and more.

Antoinette currently serves as Creative Director and HR Director for Flatirons Political Art, a cause marketing agency promoting civic and social activism.

She is the founder and CEO of Teller Creative Group (formerly The Alchemik Collective), a multi-brand startup combining her passions for both entertainment and business.

Unlike Emma, her partner, Azure is also a successful poet and storyteller who has thousands of followers on social media handles.

Emma Isaacs Sexuality Revealed

Isaacs is a role model for many young girls, admired for both her business success and her approach to life.

After her divorce from Rowan, Emma began a relationship with Azure Antoinette.

On February 14, 2023, Emma openly shared that she and Azure were in a same-gender relationship, embracing and celebrating their love.

While this news shocked some internet users, many of Emma’s fans appreciated and supported her choice.

Emma Isaacs lesbian
The first image shared by Emma and her partner Azure together (Source: Instagram)

Also, their relationship shows that Emma embraces who she is despite societal norms about sexuality.

Emma and Azure receive many positive and encouraging comments from fans and supporters on their photos together, demonstrating appreciation and admiration for their relationship.

Emma Isaacs Dating Timeline

Before dating Azure, Emma was married to Rowan Isaacs.

The couple met through the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation in Sydney. They were introduced at one of the group’s events.

Emma told a funny story about their first meeting: Rowan was dressed so fashionably in designer sunglasses and clothing that Emma assumed he was gay. She didn’t expect to be interested in him or men in general.

Emma and Rowan began as close friends who spent much time together. After a few months of having frequent meals together, they started dating.

Soon after, they got engaged, knowing they wanted to be together. The couple married and had children quickly, without waiting very long between steps in their relationship.

However, the couple eventually separated for reasons that have not been made public, and Emma eventually started dating Azure in 2023.

It is unclear if Emma and Rowan ever officially divorced, but they have gone their separate ways. Whether legally divorced or not, the couple is no longer together.

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