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Who Is Georgina Beyer Partner? Family And Net Worth Before Death

Many people are curious to learn who Georgina Beyer partner is. Was the transgender politician married to anyone? Let’s find it out.

Georgian Beyer was a politician and labor Party Member of the Parliament of New Zealand. Beyer was the first openly transgender MP in the world. She was also one of the few former sex workers with political office.

Sadly, she died on 6 March 2023 at the Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington. Beyer death has saddened the entire community. Several people expressed their sadness over her demise.

The late politician supported the Civil Union Act of 2004, which legalized civil unions for gay marriage. She tirelessly worked for the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. But was she married?  Who is Georgian Beyer’s partner?

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Who Is Georgina Beyer Partner?

It appears Georgina Beyer wasn’t married. Also, it is not clear whether she had a partner or not.

The 65-year-old has kept her personal life entirely away from the public eye. As a result, there is no information about her partner and love life.

Georgina Beyer
Georgina Beyer was a woman of secrecy – she preferred to keep her love life behind the curtain. (Image Source: Stuff)

While paying tribute, her friend Scotty Kennedy said Georgina was surrounded by her nearest and dearest 24/7 over the last few weeks.

The former New Zealand PM Helen Clark was among the people who expressed their sadness over Beyer’s death.

The former drag performer was diagnosed with last-stage kidney failure in 2013. She received a transplant in 2017. Before that, the politician required dialysis four times a day and seven days a week.

Georgina Beyer Family

Georgina Beyer was born in 1957 to her parents – Noeline and Jack Bertrand. She got her name after her grandfather, Lieutenant Colonel George Bertrand. Beyer was assigned male at birth.

The New Zealand-born politician was of European and Maori descent. The former sex worker was sent to live with her grandparents while her mother was pregnant with her sibling. Beyer’s sibling was placed for adoption.

After divorcing her Father in 1962, Georgina Beyer’s mother married a recent law school graduate Colin Beyer. Noeline and her second spouse moved to Upper Hutt and brought 4-year-old Georgina to live with them. Beyer went to Upper Hutt Primary School from age seven and later Ngaio School.

Georgina Beyer death cause
Former MP Georgina Beyer had a difficult childhood. (Image Source: NZ Herald)

The former Actress was transferred to the boarding school at Wellesley College because of growing marital issues between her mother and stepfather. There, she attempted suicide while feeling abandoned by her parents.

Due to the hostel’s closure, the former drag performer enrolled in the school as a day student. Financial limitations prevented Beyer from affording a private school after her parent’s marriage ended in 1971, so she enrolled at Onslow College.

Later she began acting and decided to pursue her career in it. She left school against her mother’s will and lived in Australia. In 1979, Georgina experienced a traumatic sexual assault in Sydney. Eventually, Beyer pursued a political career.

Beyer joined the gay nightclub in Wellington, initially as a singer. Eventually, she became a drag queen and then a sex worker. In 1984, the former Actress had gender-affirming surgery.

Georgina Beyer Net Worth Before Death

Georgina Beyer was active in several fields. The 65-year-old must have amassed commendable wealth during her long career.

The precise amount of her fortune has not been made public. She must have accumulated a considerable sum considering her endeavors in different fields.

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