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Who Is Hilda Maria Bacardi Husband Antonio de Ulloa? Family And Net Worth

People have grown curious about Hilda Maria Bacardi husband after her daughter recently got married to Joey Depriest- Capparelli in a stunning forest wedding.

Hilda Maria Bacardi is a notable international businesswoman and entrepreneur who is most known for her fastidious attention to detail in her Cocoplum estate.

The bride’s mother, Hilda, comes from a line of Bacardi rum spirits that dates back five generations.

Maria received attention for both her daughter’s wedding and listing her recently finished waterfront Cocoplum mansion for $27.26 million.

Hilda Maria Bacardi is a popular philanthropist who has given to several causes and organizations in Cuba, the US, and other countries.

She supports numerous educational and health-related initiatives in her native country and is an active member of the Bacardi Arts Foundation and the Cuban American Association of Professionals.

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Meet Hilda Maria Bacardi Husband Antonio de Ulloa And Family

Hilda Maria Bacardi’s husband is Spanish magnate Antonio de Ulloa. The pair tied marital knots in 2001 and have been living together.

As per the online source, Hilda Maria Bacardi’s husband is a wealthy businessman and entrepreneur who is working as the CEO of Noga Finanzas, which is a Spanish holding company.

In addition, Antonio established several venture capital organizations and serves as the chairman of other businesses, including Bacardi Limited.

As a philanthropist, Hilda Maria Bacardi’s husband has connections to numerous nonprofit organizations.

Hilda Maria Bacardi husband
Hilda Maria Bacardi uploaded pictures from her daughter’s wedding. (Source: People)

Antonio and Maria have three children in their family. Spending time with her children and eight grandkids fills Hilda Maria Bacardi’s free time.

Bacardi also enjoys hanging out with her friends and going to concerts, art shows, and other cultural events. She actively promotes Cuban culture and supports several Cuban artists and organizations.

Recently, the daughter of rum heiress Hilda Maria Bacardi wed in an extravagant $4 million three-day ceremony in Disney World in Orlando, Florida,

On Saturday, professional softball player Joey Depriest-Capparelli and Erica Vazquez-Bacardi exchanged vows at the Four Seasons Resort in Walt Disney World.

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Hilda Maria Bacardi Net Worth

Hilda Maria Bacardi has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion.

Maria is Bacardi founder Don Facundo Bacardi Masso’s great-great-granddaughter who was the founder of the Bacardi company and daughter of Julio Mario Bacardi a renowned Cuban American businessman.

Don Facundo Bacardi Massó founded the business in Santiago de Cuba in 1862, and the family has owned it ever since.

Bacardi, the world’s largest privately held spirits firm, allegedly generated revenues of over $4.6 billion in 2016.

Hilda gained her wealth by inheriting money and making investments in different businesses. Also, she increased her wealth in 2018 by selling her Miami mansion for $19 million.

Hilda Maria Bacardi
Hilda Maria Bacardi uploaded an image on her Facebook. (Source: Facebook)

In addition to her wealth, Hilda Maria Bacardi is a philanthropist who has donated to a variety of nonprofit organizations.

She is a vocal supporter of social and cultural causes in her own country, and her charitable giving is greatly valued.

In 2014, Hilda Maria Bacardi was appointed to the board of directors of Bacardi Ltd, making her the first female director in the 152-year history of the business.

Bacardi is highly renowned for her charity activities and has founded numerous scholarships, notably the Bacardi Family Scholarship for Cuban-American students.

As a arts patron, Maria has contributed to the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Miami Ballet. Likewise, she has renovated several old buildings in Cuba, notably the Bacardi Building in Havana.

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