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Who Is Kato Lubwama Wife Ann Namuwonge? Family And Kids

Get to know the late politician and comedian Kato Lubwama wife, Ann Namuwonge below. Also, meet their children.

Kato Lubwama was a renowned politician, drama actor, musician, comedian, former radio presenter and businessman from Uganda.

The Ugandan politician, who formerly served as Rubaga South Member of Parliament, passed away on Wednesday. The accomplished comedian and businessman reportedly died of a heart attack.

He breathed his last at Stana Medical Centre in Bunamwaya.  Lubwama’s business associate event promoter Andrew Mukasa alias Bajjo was the one who broke the tragic news to the media.

Following the news, several people have expressed their sorrow over his death and sent their heartfelt condolences to the late musician’s family.

He left behind his wife, Ann Namuwonge, and six children. Let’s get to know the politician’s marital life and family in this short piece.

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Who Is Kato Lubwama Wife Ann Namuwonge?

Ann Namuwonge is the wife/widow of the late politician and comedian Kato Lubwama. The exact length of their relationship was hazy, but they had been together for a very long period.

Kato Lubwama wife
Kato Lubwama was married to his wife, Ann Namuwonge, at the time of his death. (Image Source: MBU)

As for Ann Namuwonge’s profession, she reportedly works in their family shop, a “Power Music House at Cooper Complex, Nakivubo, in Kampala. While many people might not know, the businessman had been married multiple times.

In an interview, the late comedian revealed that his first two marriages failed. But the other wife was sharper than him and would go out with other men. As his spouse cheated on him, he later quit polygamy.

Many people might think that Namuwonge married Kato because of his money. However, Ann once revealed that money was not the reason for their marriage.

Furthermore, Ann was once asked what she would do if she caught Kato cheating on her with another woman. Ann simply replied that she would not fight with him & convince him to come back.

In contrast, she would just walk away as nothing positive will come after the fight. On the other hand, the musician said if he found Ann with another man, he would divorce her and send her away to her parents.

Ann said she first studied Kato before developing a serious bond and realizing his trustworthiness. The married duo used to go to St. Matiya Mulumba Church together as they grew up in Old Kampala. Afterward, she decided to marry him. 

The smitten pair were devoted to their marriage. They respected and supported one another. Although their time together in this world has been cut short, Kato and Ann must have had a wonderful time and made numerous precious memories.

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How Many Kids Did Kato Lubwama Have?

The Ugandan comedian was a proud father of six children. He shared three of them, Conrad, Collins and Courtney,  with his wife, Ann Namuwonge.

Kato Lubwama wife
Kato Lubwama was a doting dad to his six children. (Image Source: MBU)

The musician was a devoted family man. He loved his wife and children unconditionally. According to Ann, one of the things Kato hated the most was lies and his kids. Otherwise, he was a jolly husband and dad.

Despite his busy schedule, Kato created space for his family. The comedian once revealed he was a very different person at home and on stage. He said in his private life he was a very serious person.

The Ugandan musical artist’s family must be heartbroken to lose their beloved person. Let’s hope they find the courage to deal with this difficult time.

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