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Who Is Lembit Opik Wife Sabina Vankova? Kids Family And Net Worth

Some people invested in politics might be familiar with Lembit Opik. They want to know about Lembit Opik’s Wife and Kids. So, let’s learn more about Opik’s kids and family. 

Lembit Opik became a big name in Wales politics, mainly in parliament, as he began his political career as a Liberal Democrat candidate.

Similarly, many people shifted their curiosity toward Opik’s wife, family, and kids. Who Is Sabina Vankova? Let’s find out.

Here’s an exciting fact about the former Politician and activist — Lembit, who faced death in a paragliding accident in 1998, which caused him multiple injuries. But he continued his aviation interest and now holds a pilot’s license.

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Who Is Lembit Opik Wife Sabina Vankova?

Former Politician Lembit Opik still needs to tie the wedding knot. He met Sabina Vankova in July 2015 at a political Party event.

Lembit Opik Wife Sabina Vankova
Lembit Opik Wife Sabina Vankova. (Source: The Mirror)

Opik’s partner, Sabina, is a Bulgarian property lawyer. Also, her original hometown is in Bulgaria.

The on-and-off pair got hitched six weeks after they met. Opik and Vankova moved in quite early after their first date.

However, things got worse between the two, and Vankova dumbed her partner in public. She posted her official breakup news with Opik on Twitter on 8 November 2017.

Allegedly, Opik cheated on Vankova, which was why she dumped him. Lembit spent a night at Alex Best’s House, a reality star.

Pregnant Sabina, 33, left Opik and fled back to her home in Bulgaria.

Furthermore, the former Politician was heartbroken after his pregnant partner deserted him, moving back to Bulgaria. The man was depressed, and with a heavy heart, he made contact with Sabina.

Fortunately, the two seemed sorted, and Vankova forgave him.

It seems like the two are now happy with each other. Sabina’s daughter is currently in her early school.

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Lembit Opik’s Family And Kids

British Politician, Lembit Opik, was born in Northern Ireland on 2 March 1965.

As mentioned earlier, Opik has an on-and-off relationship with his partner Sabina Vankova. The former Politician and his partner have two children together.

Opik has a sweet family of four, including his partner and two kids. Vankova and Opik welcomed their first baby daughter Angelina in 2017.

It looks like the duo wants the best for their kids, setting aside their differences.

Sabina posted a sweet family picture on her social media handle in 2019, proving they were together. The lovely family is together for their child.

Net Worth Of Lembit Opik

Former British Politician and activist Lembit Opik’s net worth is $1 million as of this writing. The former MP earned most of his fortune from his political career.

Lembit Opik net worth
Lembit Opik’s net worth is $1 million. (Source: The Mirror)

Opik was Wales’s member of parliament from 1997 to 2010. Strictly speaking, the former MP might have earned roughly $82 Thousand per annum.

Moreover, he earned at least $36 Thousand as a member of parliament severance salary. The former Politician has also landed in several television shows.

Likewise, Lembit landed as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the 1997 general election. Following this, he served as the Party’s spokesperson on Wales education, business, housing, and more.

Furthermore, he is a regular guest on many BBC shows. Also, Lembit has published some books in collaboration.

Besides, Lembit is keen on purchasing real estate. The former Wales MP bought two Welsh properties at $250 Thousand. Similarly, he owns a lavish flat in South London which he purchased for at least $650 Thousand.

In addition, Opik is the majority shareholder of many of his business ventures.

Overall, seeing his dedication to work, Opik’s fortune might increase in the coming days.

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