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Who Is Liezel Guzman? Patrick Guzman Wife Wikipedia And Age

Who is Patrick Guzman Wife Liezel Guzman? The charming Filipino-Canadian actor Patrick Guzman achieved international success during the thriving 1990s.

He was one of the most well-liked actors of his period and a matinee idol.

The entertainment industry will never be the same without Patrick. He enchanted audiences and rose to fame thanks to his dynamic performances and diverse talent.

In addition to his recent appearances in the popular Netflix series and the eagerly awaited movie “40-year-old Secrets of Life: Existence to Massacre,” Patrick has significantly impacted the film industry.

He has enthralled generations of moviegoers with his mesmerizing presence on screen, leaving a lasting legacy as one of the most renowned performers of his era.

Read on to learn more about Patrick Guzman wife, wikipedia and age.

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Who Is Liezel Guzman? Patrick Guzman Wife Wikipedia

Patrick Guzman wife is Liezel Guzman. She is yet to be mentioned on Wikipedia. Patrick and Liezel were blessed with a great 15-year-old son, who brought tremendous joy and everlasting commitment to one another.

The Guzman family just finished remodeling their house to prepare for the next phase of their lives. As a result, their home underwent a fantastic makeover into a loving and special place.

The couple had organized a celebratory housewarming party for June 23 to commemorate this achievement.

Patrick Guzman Wife
Patrick Guzman wife and family is saddened by his death. (Source: GMA Network)

However, the atmosphere around the upcoming event has changed as a result of the tragic and unexpected loss of Patrick Guzman.

The housewarming celebration, which was supposed to mark joy and fresh starts, will now be a sad event as loved ones come together to commemorate and celebrate Patrick’s life.

Liezel Guzman will face these difficult circumstances with their son and a network of loving relatives and friends.

Patrick Guzman Wife Age: How Old Is She?

The age of Patrick Guzman wife is not mentioned, but as her husband was 55 at the time of death, she might be in her late 40s or early 50s.

At the time of his passing, Patrick Guzman was married to Liezel Guzman. Liezel was Patrick’s wife and never left her husband’s side. She was always there for him when he needed her.

Liezel Guzman, Patrick Guzman’s wife, is currently unknown to us in terms of both her personal and professional lives.

Although the dates of their weddings are unknown, we know that Patrick Guzman is survived by his wife and family. A boy was born to Patrick Guzman and his wife Liezel in 2008. He is 15 years old right now.

Since Patrick kept his personal life private and never revealed his name or identity online, little is known about his children.

Death of Patrick Guzman

On Friday, June 16, 2023, Patrick Guzman suffered a heart attack and passed away.

Tess Cusipag, the editor and publisher of Balita Media Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, reports that the grieving family of actor Patrick is expected to formally announce and share details on the actor’s funeral plans.

Patrick died from a heart attack, and Tess Cusipag reported to PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

Tess Cusipag responded, “Not so far,” when asked about the formal statement made by Patrick Guzman’s family.

Fans of the Filipino-Canadian actor are heartbroken after learning of his passing. They are offering their prayers and condolences to his loved ones.

Patrick Guzman wife
Patrick Guzman was a charismatic Filipino-Canadian actor. (Source: GMA Network)

The family of Patrick Guzman has not yet made any announcements regarding funeral plans or an obituary.

Actor and model Patrick Guzman is of Filipino and Canadian descent. He was selected for a modeling career by a well-known watch business.

He also appeared on the Kapamilya Ready, Set, Go program. The post-1990s babe has also appeared in Sisa, Koronang Itim, and Una Ka Nang Akin, among other movies.

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