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Who Is Peta Murphy Husband Rod Glover? Kids and Family Details

Labor MP Peta Murphy husband, Rod, was with her when she passed away in their family house on Monday.

Australian politician Peta Murphy served as a member of the House of Representatives since the federal election of 2019.

The native of New South Wales served as a representative for the Division of Dunkley in Victoria for the Australian Labor Party (ALP). Her sudden demise has sent shockwaves throughout the nation.

In announcing the 50-year-old’s passing, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese stated that her spouse, Rod, her parents, and sister were by her side.

In today’s short piece, let’s learn more about the late politician’s husband of over two decades.

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Who Is Peta Murphy Husband Rod Glover?

Rod Glover was married to Peta Murphy for 24 years. The Murphy-Glover couple’s bond is a testament to unwavering love and commitment.

Peta Murphy husband
Peta Murphy husband is Rod Glover, a Baxter boy through and through, according to ALP. (Image Source: ABC)

Their love story began in 1999 when they got married and embarked on a journey of marital bliss that spanned over two decades.

As mentioned above, Rod was by Peta’s side until her untimely passing after a long battle with breast cancer.

Rod, a true Baxter boy as described in Peta Murphy’s biography on ALP, was not just Peta’s husband but her biggest supporter.

His love for her was evident in the way he stood by her side, especially during her battle with cancer. He was her rock, her pillar of strength, and her constant source of encouragement.

In 2011, when Peta was diagnosed with breast cancer, they made a life-altering decision to move to Dunkley permanently.

This decision, which they often referred to as the best one they ever made, turned them into proud Frankston residents.

Moreover, Rod’s support for Peta extended beyond their personal life. He was a constant presence in her political career, providing her with the support she needed to navigate the challenging world of politics.

Nonetheless, Peta Murphy husband’s unwavering belief in her abilities played a significant role in her success.

Peta Murphy Is Survived By Her Spouse, Parents, And Sister

the labor MP Peta Murphy is survived by her husband of 24 years, Rod, her parents, and sister.

They were all together with the politician until her last moments. It is unknown if Murphy had any children with her spouse.

Peta Murphy husband
Peta Murphy’s family is devastated by her passing. (Image Source: Herald Sun)

The loss of Peta has left a void in the hearts of her loved ones. They must be devastated by her demise.

Although their time together has been cut short abruptly, they must have shared a lot of precious memories while together.

Hopefully, these memories, filled with love, laughter, and shared dreams, will serve as a source of strength for them during these challenging times.

The late Labor MP’s life was a testament to her dedication and commitment to serving the public. Her legacy will continue to inspire many.

Her spirit, her values, and her contributions to society will continue to resonate and make a difference.

Even though she is no longer in this world, Peta Murphy will continue to live forever in the hearts of her loved ones.

Her memory will be cherished, her life celebrated, and her legacy will continue to inspire.

Ultimately, it is not the years in life that count, but the life in the years. And Peta Murphy indeed lived a life entire of purpose and meaning.

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