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Who Is Peter Muston From La Brea? Death & Funeral Notice In Wikipedia

In 2024, following the passing of Peter Muston, the NBC series La Brea honored him during the Season 3 penultimate episode, coinciding with a character’s death and sparking inquiries about who he is.

Peter Muston was a production manager on NBC’s sci-fi series La Brea, overseeing 20 episodes from 2021 to 2023.

Bringing over two decades of industry experience, Peter Muston excelled in roles ranging from production manager to line producer.

Apart from La Brea, he has contributed to several other television shows, including With Intent, Outland, Bed of Roses, Rush, and Satisfaction.

Moreover, he worked on many TV shows, including Fergus McPhail, Holly’s Heroes, and Halifax FP.

Furthermore, he also worked on movies like Boytown, The Extra, and Bad Eggs.

Tragically, Peter Muston left many people sad when he passed away at age 64 on October 11, 2023.

Recently, the tribute to Peter Muston in the series La Brea has drawn attention, making people search for him online through Wikipedia.

Who Is Peter Muston From La Brea? Death & Funeral Notice

Recently, people have been searching for Peter Muston on the internet to learn about his personal life.

Born in 1959, Peter Muston became known for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

His television career began in the 1990s as a location manager on Stingers before transitioning to production management, notably on Offspring.

Meanwhile, Muston had over two decades of experience as a production manager and a line producer.

Thus, he was respected in the entertainment industry and honored with a title card at the end of La Brea Season 3, Episode 5.

He was a production manager on the show from 2021 to 2023. Colleagues fondly remembered Muston for his warmth and professionalism.

The picture shows Peter standing while a lady sits in a chair.
Muston began his television career as a location manager on this Melbourne-set drama. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, his long-time friend Mark Johnson shared news of his passing on social media.

He described him as a beloved and respected individual with a big heart and witty humor.

Executive producer and director Adam Davidson also expressed gratitude for Muston’s contributions to La Brea, praising his kindness, respect, and valuable insights.

As for his death, Muston passed away on October 11, 2023, at Alfred Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, due to complications from a cardiac arrest.

Muston’s partner Deb, his two young adult daughters Alice and Tilly, and his sisters Kerry and Jo survive him.

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Exploring NBC’s Sci-Fi Series La Brea With Cast, Plot And Release Date

La Brea is a famous American TV show about science fiction and drama.

The series was filmed in Melbourne, Australia, and debuted on NBC on September 28, 2021.

Moreover, David Appelbaum brought the series to life and served as its creator and executive producer.

Furthermore, the story focuses on a huge sinkhole that suddenly appears in Los Angeles, right at the La Brea Tar Pits and Wilshire Boulevard.

In the series, sinkhole depths draw hundreds of people, vehicles, and buildings.

The theme picture of the La Brea series features a large sinkhole with two people standing at its edge.
The television series La Brea premiered on NBC on September 28, 2021. (Source: IMDB)

The survivors discover themselves stuck in a mysterious and dangerous ancient land, where they must unite to stay alive.

The series follows Eve Harris, Gavin Harris, Izzy Harris, and Josh Harris as they become separated and endeavor to reunite with each other.

Afterward, the investigators realized that the sinkhole created a temporary portal to the exact location in 10,000 BC.

In November 2021, NBC renewed the series for a second season, which premiered on September 27, 2022.

In January 2023, NBC renewed the series for a third season consisting of six episodes.

The third and final season premiered on January 9, 2024, with the series finale scheduled to air on February 13, 2024.

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