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Who Is Robyn Ludwick, Charlie Robison Sister? Wikipedia And Age

People are curious to learn about Charlie Robison Sister Robyn Ludwick. An American singer-songwriter of country music, Charles Fitzgerald Robison. 

Both his sister Robyn Ludwick and his brother Bruce Robison are songwriters. 

Charlie Robison moved to Austin, Texas in the late 1980s and played with the bands Chaparral, Millionaire Playboys, and Two Hoots and a Holler while there. 

This was after a knee injury he sustained at Southwest Texas State University terminated a prospective football career. 

His 1996 album “Bandera” marked his transition to being a solo artist. After that, he joined Sony and issued “Life of the Party” under Sony’s Lucky Dog Records division. 

The album produced three of his best hits, including “My Hometown.” His subsequent release was a live album titled “Unleashed Live,” which bears the names Charlie, Bruce, and Jack Ingram. 

Then, for “Step Right Up” and another live album, he signed with Columbia Records. In 2003, Robison served as a judge for NashvilleStar’s inaugural season on television.

Who is Robyn Ludwick, Charlie Robison sister? Be with us till the end to learn more about Rovyn and her personal life.

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Who Is Robyn Ludwick, Charlie Robison Sister?

Robyn Ludwick is a songwriter and singer who hails from the Texas Hill Country, a region well known for its songwriters and musicians who all seem to practice a kind of realist country-pop that is as confessional as it is specific. 

Her songs are about hard living, romance, and dreams — whether they come true or not. Charlie Robison Sister is a famous personality.

Although Kelly Willis, a country singer, was her sister-in-law and Bruce and Charlie Robison, musicians, were Ludwick’s brothers, she wasn’t particularly motivated to perform when she made her recording debut in 2005 with the self-released For So Long album. 

Charlie Robison Sister
Charlie Robison Sister has ben a topic of interest for people. (Source: Musician Bio)

When the songs first began to appear, she was 30 years old and the mother of a young child. 

They were astonishingly good, the creation of a grown woman who had witnessed the events in the lives of her friends for a long enough period of time to give her songs a sharp sense of wisdom and emotional depth, all of which gave For So Long an uncommon resonance. 

Robyn Ludwick Wikipedia And Age

Robyn Ludwick Wikipedia is not available but we can find her personal and professional details on other sites too.

Additionally, both critics and fans were very complimentary of it. Despite taking her time to enter the music industry, Ludwick was a fully developed artist when she did. 

Her second album, Too Much Desire, was released in 2008, which only served to emphasize the point. 

She made a comeback in 2011 with Out of These Blues and in 2014 with Little Rain. This Tall to Ride was released in 2017 by Late Show Records. 

That’s a summary of Robyn Ludwick, age 33. She is a true Robison, right down to Charlie’s wide-eyed smile and Bruce’s soulful eyes, as well as to her refreshing Nowhere Else But Bandera How Yew effortless ease. 

Robyn Robison sister
The songs of hard life by singer and songwriter Robyn Ludwick. (Source: Musician Bio)

Her spouse, John, whom she refers to as Lunch Meat and who is more known as the bassist in Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison’s bands, has the last name of Ludwick.

Lunch Meat and Danny Barnes, the banjo king and producer who took up Robyn’s case, have been best friends since they were both six years old. 

Jon Dee Graham, Rich Brotherton, Warren Hood, and Carol Young from the Greencards were among the non-relatives that Barnes enlisted to help create a cozy, rootsy atmosphere that Alison Krauss would enjoy.

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