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Who Is Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife Akiko Yano? Meet His 3 Kids And Family

Who Is Ryuichi Sakamoto wife Akiko Yano? People are curious about his personal information as the news of Ryuichi’s death spreads online.

A well-known Japanese musician named Ryuichi Sakamoto has passed away, and fans want to know about Ryuichi Sakamoto wife details.

His passing generated a lot of online memorials earlier today when it was a hot subject in Japan. The death of Ryuichi Sakamoto has stunned and devastated fans.

His social media profiles have just confirmed Ryuichi Sakamoto’s passing. At the time of his passing, he was 71 years old. Ryuichi Sakamoto was initially given the pharynx Cancer prognosis in 2014.

Even though it was effectively treated, he later admitted having rectal Cancer. He gave his final performance and gave his audience an update on his health at the close of 2022.

Keep reading till the end to learn about Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife Akiko Yano, and his other details.

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Who Is Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife Akiko Yano? Meet His 3 Kids

Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife Akiko Yano is a Japanese pop and jazz musician.

After collaborating with Akiko Yano on several musical endeavors, including a tour with the Yellow Magic Orchestra, Sakamoto later married the well-known Japanese singer and pianist in 1982.

Sakamoto’s second marriage ended in August 2006, fourteen years after the couple had mutually decided to stop it. Miu Sakamoto, a J-pop performer, is the couple’s child.

She started her singing career in the middle of the 1970s. She is a singer who was born in Tokyo and reared in Aomori.

Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife
Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife Akiko Yano. (Source: Pinterest)

She has been referred to as “one of the major musical talents of the Japanese popular music world,” Kate Bush of England has been compared to her vocal range and singing style.

She has collaborated on recordings with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Haruomi Hosono, and Yukihiro Takahashi of the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The first of Sakamoto’s three marriages, which took place in 1972 and concluded in divorce two years later, and he has a daughter from his first wife too.

His manager Norika Sora and his wife, with whom he shares two children, have lived together since about 1990.

Family Details of Ryuichi Sakamoto 

On January 17, 1952, the pianist, music producer, songwriter, and orchestrator was born in Tokyo.

His Father, Sakamoto Kazuki, was a well-known publisher who popularized Mishima Yukio’s and Noma Hiroshi’s writings, laying the groundwork for postwar Japanese literature.

This younger Sakamoto may have developed his early political consciousness due to his family history.

He actively participated in the late 1960s student movement that arose in opposition to the Vietnam War and the leadership of Japanese colleges as a high school student.

Ryuichi Sakamoto Wife
Ryuichi Sakamoto old picture. (Source: Pinterest)

When he made his professional musical d├ębut in 1975, playing piano on an album by the talented folk singer Tomobe Masato, Sakamoto Ryuichi was still a student at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Sakamoto made contributions to a developing pop scene at a period when youth culture in Japan was gradually becoming more accepted.

He collaborated with Japanese musicians Yamashita Tatsur, Nakajima Miyuki, Yazawa Eikichi, Yano Akiko, Ohtaki Eiichi, and Nuki Taeko, both live and in the studio.

All made contributions to the growth of Japanese music and had an impact on artists in the future.

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