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Who Is Titjana Vjestica On Tiktok? Wikipedia Age Boyfriend And Family

People are curious about Titjana Vjestica from Tiktok; what is the reason behind Vjestica’s trending news?

Vjestica made her TikTok account private after much news broke; she used to post many videos on her TikTok account. 

But now she has stopped posting it, so people are curious to learn about her and the reason behind her TikTok account.

She has recently talked about an experiment in Tiktok, but it went wrong, as she mentioned. Learn more about Vjestica from TikTok through his article.

Who Is Titjana Vjestica On Tiktok? Wikipedia And Biography

Titjana Vjestica is a teacher in Bilzen; she started using Tiktok as a social experiment she mentioned.

She used to post many videos on her Tiktok, but her colleague mentioned that it was getting out of hand; she is the English teacher at the school.

When she found out many children and teachers were not okay with her Tiktok, she said she was ending the experiment and switched her private account.

As an experiment, Miss Titjana created a Tiktok account on which she posted videos every day.
As an experiment, Miss Titjana created a Tiktok account on which she posted daily videos. (Image Source: Het Nieuwsblad)

We cannot find her official TikTok account; she has gone very private since she shared about ending the experiment on December 2022.

While she was active in TikTok, many people were very supportive, and on the other hand, they passed many negative comments saying a Teacher doesn’t belong on social media.

This shows how people still think very small. In an interview, she also mentioned, “Compared to New York, Belgium thinks very small. I wanted to change that, and as a young teacher, I looked for ways to make my voice heard.” 

But unfortunately, her experiment went in the wrong direction, and everyone took it differently, which she never expected.

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Titjana Vjestica Age: How Old is The Tiktok Creator? 

As per many online portals, he is 28 years old. The accurate date of birth has yet to be mentioned in public.

Looking at her pictures on the Internet shows that she might be 28 and not more. But still, she has yet to confirm it in public.

Vjestica has gone very private since the news about her was trending on many social platforms.

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Titjana Vjestica Boyfriend And Family Details 

Vjestica doesn’t seem to be involved in a romantic relationship and is currently single. Also, her past relationship has yet to be disclosed in public.

Vjestica is very private, and she never publicly shares her personal information. Limited pictures, videos, and TikTok were out after she revealed the experiment.

Vjestica was born into a very ordinary family; she completed her degree and joined as an English teacher at Provincial Secondary School in Bilzen, Limburg.

Tiktok video shared by one of Titjana Vjestica student
Tiktok video shared by one of Titjana Vjestica student. (Image Source: Het Nieuwsblad)

More information about his family has not been disclosed, but her parents supported her career path and choices.

People noticed more about her after the article about my experience appeared in the Het Belang van Limburg newspaper. Her colleagues were disappointed, and it was very cold in the staff room when she entered.

The audience misjudged her quickly; they were very unsupportive and wanted her to stop doing Tiktok. It was tough for her to deal with the comments people were passing, but now she seems fine and is only focused on her job as a Teacher.

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