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Who Is Yvette Denton? Joel Tobeck Wife, Kids Family And Net Worth

Yvette Denton is the wife of Actor Joel Tobeck. People are curious to learn more about Yvette.

Joel Tobeck is the son of Actress Liddy Holloway. He has been known for many famous roles in television series, and people noticed him from Tangle, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.

Tobeck is very private; he has always made his personal life out of his professional life, so people are often curious to learn about his personal information.

Read further to know more about his wife, kids, and family. This article will include everything you need to learn about them.

Who Is Yvette Denton? Joel Tobeck Wife

Yuvette Denton is the partner of Actor Joel Tobeck; the couple has been together for a long time but has not been married.

The couple has been very private about their life, and although Tobeck has been involved in many movies and series, people are still unknown about him.

People have often questioned their relationship and asked about their marriage, but they have not talked about it.

Catherine with Joel Tobeck together from Tangle, S2.
Catherine with Joel Tobeck together from Tangle, S2. (Source: Fanpop)

Denton came into the limelight after dating Tobeck; other than that, she is not involved in the film industry.

Denton seems very supportive of her husband’s career path, and she has often been present at any function with him.

There have not been any pictures of Denton in public yet, which shows that she dislikes being present in the media.

Yvette Denton Kids With Joel Tobeck 

Denton and Tobeck have been married yet, but they live together in Cambridge and share three children.

To collect information about well-known personalities, we search for their social media account to gain specific information.

But in this case, Denton and Tobeck seem to be inactive on social media. The couple has been keeping their children’s information private.

A random Facebook account shared a rare picture of Joel Tobeck with his kids.
A random Facebook account shared a rare picture of Joel Tobeck with his kids. (Source: Facebook)

Often many celebrities try to keep the information about their children out of public so they can walk and be themselves in public.

It is always good to keep their children’s life and information out of the public. There have not been any pictures of their children in public yet. It is only confirmed that they have three children together.

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Joel Tobeck Family Details 

Tobeck came into the limelight because he was the son of well-known Actress Liddy Holloway.

Holloway was known as the daughter of a politician, Phil Holloway. 

His mother, Holloway, came to know for her roles in Squizzy TaylorSkyways, Murder Call, and more. She died of liver Cancer when she was 54 in 2004. 

There has not been any information about Tobeck’s dad; he shared a great relationship with his mother and followed in her footsteps.

Tobeck was very close with his mother, as there was no presence of his Father. She was his biggest supporter and was always there to be with him.

Tobeck was blessed with two siblings, Francesca Holibar and Mark Harlen. More information about them has yet to be disclosed.

Joel Tobeck’s Net Worth 

Fans are curious to learn about the Actor net worth as he has yet to share much about his earnings in public.

According to the Source, his present net worth is $8 million, which he has earned from his acting career.

Fans knew the Actor as Strife from the television show Xena: Warrior Princess. Before starting his career as Actor, he worked as the breakfast show weatherman on a radio station.

Hopefully, this article helped you learn about every detail he has shared publicly.

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