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Who Killed Lindsey Baum? Her Parents Seeks Justice 10 Years After Her Murder

Lindsey Baum’s mother, Melissa Baum, is still looking for the answer to who killed her daughter.

Lindsey Baum’s death is one of two cases highlighted in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still A Mystery: Targeted in the Night.’ The 10-year-old went missing on her way back from a friend’s House in the summer of 2009 and was never found. 

The search for Lindsey was unsuccessful, despite extensive searches and national media attention. Her remains were discovered nearly a decade later, more than a hundred miles away from her home, leaving her family with more questions than answers.

Lindsey Baum grew up in Tennessee’s Weakley County. She was described as a polite and sharp-witted young lady who enjoyed writing.

Who Killed Lindsey Baum?

Baum went missing on June 26, 2009, just blocks from her home, while walking alone. 

Authorities in Washington state are looking into whether a 50-year-old man accused of kidnapping and rape in 2003 was also involved in the disappearance and murder of Lindsey Baum, 10, six years later.

According to Crime Online, investigators identified several people of interest, including Paul James Bieker. He was recently convicted of raping a teen six years before Lindsey went missing in the same town.

Paul Bieker was arrested and charged with rape, kidnapping, burglary, felony harassment, and taking a motor vehicle without permission in connection with a 2003 cold case involving a 17-year-old girl, according to the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office.

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According to the Olympian, Bieker pleaded not guilty to all five counts, and the sheriff’s office says it’s investigating the possibility that the suspect was also involved in Baum’s death.

What Happened To Lindsey Baum?

Lindsey went to her friend’s House on June 26, 2009, to see if they could have a sleepover. Lindsey began walking back home alone after her friend’s mother said no.

The young girl’s remains were discovered in the spring of 2018 deep in the woods of Kittitas County, 85 miles east of Seattle. At the time, Grays Harbor County Sheriff Rick Scott told PEOPLE that investigators would stay on the case until the monster responsible for this was apprehended and held accountable.

Lindsey Baum childhood picture (Source: thecinemaholic.com)

Lindsey Baum went missing in Washington state in 2009, and her remains were discovered in the woods hours after she was last seen.

According to KCPQ-TV, hunters discovered a piece of Lindsey’s skull in a densely forested area nearly three hours away from McCleary in 2017, but the rest of her remains have yet to be found.

Lindsey Baum’s Mother Still Seeks Justice After 10 Years

Lindsey’s mother, Melissa Baum, told KOMO-TV that finding the rest of her daughter is her top priority.

Melissa wears her daughter’s ashes as a pendant necklace and mentions that all she has left of her is a piece of her skull.

Lindsey Baum remains were found almost 9 years later. (Source: change.org)

A reward of up to $40,000 will be offered for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Melissa can’t bear looking at old pictures of her daughter. She told KOMO-TV that she rarely stops and looks them in the eyes because it is still difficult for her.

The Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office is working on the case with four news investigators and the assistance of the FBI, the state attorney general’s office, and the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Department.

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Even though this case appears to be hopeless, Wallace believes it is solvable. He stated that he has a gut feeling that someone is aware of something.

Melissa will not give up until justice is served for her daughter. Her daughter, she said, deserved to rest in peace.


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