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Who Was Komfo Kolege Wife Millicent Oteng? Who Killed Her?

People are curious about Komfo Kolege Wife because he is an Actor who has established a reputation for himself in the entertainment sector.

His work on the popular TV shows “Boys Over Flowers” and “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is what made him most famous.

Additionally, Komfo Kolege has made appearances in several movies, including “A Moment to Remember,” “My Sassy Girl,” and “Train to Busan.”

In the Netflix original Drama series Kingdom, he appeared alongside Lee Min Ho most recently.

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Who Was Komfo Kolege Wife Millicent Oteng? Who Killed Her?

For the first time in months, well-known Kumawood Actor Komfo Kolege has opened up about what killed his wife.

On November 17, 2022, Millicent Oteng, Komfo Kolege’s wife, passed away. The grieving widower, who still cannot believe his wife passed away, claims he drove her to the hospital.

The Actor claimed that his wife’s death was brought on by her high blood pressure during childbirth in an interview with Kwaku Manu on Aggressive TV.

The physicians first balked about telling me. It wasn’t until I read the autopsy report that I learned she was under immediate pressure to push through her agony.

Komfo Kolege Wife
Komfo Kolege Wife Death. (Source: Instagram)

Consequently, a nerve in her head was torn due to the blood rushing to her skull, “He added mournfully.

Despite being uncommon, the disease he described typically results in immediate death or a stroke, according to medical specialists.

According to him, death was the most challenging thing that had ever happened to him. Additionally, he expressed his wish that no young couple would experience what he did.

“Because I believed I would also pass away after hearing the news, I am only alive today by God’s grace.

I now understand that if someone is weak and you go through something like that, they might also die,” he remarked.

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Komfo Kolege Career

Young Komfo Kolege got his start in acting when he got bit parts on TV series like Boys Over Flowers and The Legend of the Blue Sea.

Komfo Kolege career
Komfo Kolege was receiving art from his fans. (Source: Instagram)

He became well-known to viewers outside of South Korea when he appeared in films with Lee Min Ho. Their on-screen chemistry helped him become a star in that country’s entertainment sector.

After this triumph, Komfo starred in several movies, such as A Moment To Remember, for which his performance received praise from critics and nominations for awards both domestically and abroad, establishing him as one of South Korea’s top actors today.

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Komfo Kolege Net Worth 2024

Komfo Kolege seems a little secretive regarding his personal information, like his net worth, as the Actor has yet to reveal the exact amount to his fans.

According to various sources, Komfo’s estimated net worth is over $2 million as of 2024. However, this information is yet to be confirmed by the Actor himself.

Komfo Kolege net
Komfo Kolege living his best life. (Source: Instagram)

Overall, Komfo Kolege is a remarkably brilliant actor who makes waves in Asia with every new role or project he appears in!

Early in his career, he played supporting roles before rising to the position of leading man he holds now.


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