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Bleach: Why Did Yhwach Kill Jugram? A Worst Reward Of Loyalty

In Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, one of the most tragic deaths was of Jugram Haschwalth, which has left many wondering, “Why Did Yhwach Kill Jugram?”

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is based on the manga series of the same name and is a direct sequel to the Bleach anime.

The show is directed by Tomohisa Taguchi and started airing on TV Tokyo in October 2022. It will have four parts with breaks in between.

The first part, The Blood Warfare, has 13 episodes and finished in December of the same year.

The second part, titled The Separation, began on July 8, 2023, and will conclude on September 30, 2023.

But the date for the third and fourth part hasn’t been confirmed yet.

As the second part is coming to an end, the death of Jugram by Yhwach shocked many fans, leaving them questioning, “Why Did Yhwach Kill Jugram?”

Bleach: Moment Of Jugram Haschwalth Death

In the Thousand-Year Blood War arc, Jugram was battling Uryū Ishida, a friend of Ichigo Kurosaki, the series’s main protagonist.

While battling, they share a brief conversation with Jugram, saying that Yhwach granted Uryū more power than all his growth when he spent with his friends.

Uryū replies that he chose to side with Ichigo and others not because it benefited him but because he considered them his friends.

He also declares that he would give Yhwach his life. However, the beam of Auswählen suddenly envelops Jugram, interrupting the conversation.

After that, Jugram falls to his knees and eventually passes away.

Jugram Haschwalth slashed after Yhwach Kill Jugram
Jugram Haschwalth’s blood is coming out (Source: Fandom)

Here’s a little bit about Auswählen, which caused the death of Jugram.

  • Yhwach used Auswählen to restore his lost powers.
  • He can choose Quincy individuals he considers impure, even those with mixed blood, and take their powers for himself. This process is deadly, especially for those already weakened.
  • When Yhwach activates this power, his chosen targets are enveloped in intense light beams. Just being close to these beams can drain Quincy’s power.
  • It siphons energy from Quincy it deems unnecessary and transfers it to those in need, boosting their strength significantly. However, those who have their energy taken from them will not survive.

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Why Did Yhwach Kill Jugram? A Worst Reward Of Loyalty

The activation of Auswählen by Yhwach caused the death of Jugram.

So why did Yhwach activate that power, which led him to kill his advisor, Jugram?

Yhwach looking ahead
Yhwach staring ahead (Source: Fandom)

Here’s what had transpired in brief:

Yhwach was in a vulnerable position after Senjumaru defeated Nianzol. To counter this, Yhwach summons Soldat soldiers from his shadow to face Senjumaru’s forces and his Schutzstaffel.

But things take a turn when Nimaiya defeats Yhwach’s Schutzstaffel.

Yhwach’s hands begin to glow strangely as Nimaiya challenges him. He then uses his powerful ability, Auswählen, which lets him steal the power and life force of the Sternritter in the Seireitei below.

He does this to revive his Schutzstaffel and orders them to move forward.

So, the simple answer to “Why Did Yhwach Kill Jugram?” is to save Yhwach.

The death of Jugram was one of the most tragic in the series.

Jugram Haschwalth was incredibly loyal to his master, Yhwach, and this unquestioning loyalty is what caused him to sacrifice his own life to save Yhwach.

However, Jugram does reveal in the moment of his death that he doesn’t feel betrayed by Yhwach because he knows that Yhwach chose him because of his power, meaning that he is only an asset to him.

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