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Why Was Annie Arrested In Good Girls? Ending Explained

Viewers are eager to know why Annie was arrested in the series “Good Girls.”

Even though it did deliver the payoff of Beth ending up in charge with Rio working under her, the fourth and final season of Good Girls ended with a finale that didn’t feel like a finale for Beth, Annie, and Ruby. 

However, Annie’s ending seems more like the start of a juicy new story that would have been continued in Season 5 had the news of the show’s unexpected cancellation not already been announced.

Why Was Annie Arrested In Good Girls?

Despite all indications that Beth was going to jail, Annie was arrested. The Annie twist initially confused viewers, but there are breadcrumbs to help us understand how it ends.

The Season 4 premiere, not either half of the series finale, contains the answers to all those queries. Annie and Mick had an emotional car conversation in the first episode of Season 4, which aired in early March. Annie told Mick that Beth is “a perfect mom” and “it shouldn’t be her prints on that gun.”

Why Was Annie Arrested In Good Girls
Mae Whitman as Annie Marks (Source: tvinsider.com)

Although Annie didn’t explicitly state it in that scene, it was implied that she wanted Mick to take her prints and place them on the gun that killed Lucy so that, if Rio turned the weapon into the Police, Annie would be sentenced to jail rather than Beth.

To Good Girls’ credit, the finale avoided giving away the twist of the gun coming back into play by including that scene in a “Previously On” recap at the start of either hour. 

However, this also meant that many viewers might not know why Annie and not Beth were in trouble by the end.

What Actually Happened To Annie?

In the second hour of the two-part series finale, Mick appeared at Beth’s House with what seemed to be the intention of killing her for turning on Nick, which led to Nick being imprisoned and having to exact his revenge from a distance. 

Mick missed what appeared to be a fortunate opportunity, leaving her with only a flesh wound and conveniently leaving his gun where it could be used as evidence.

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However, given that this is Good Girls, there were no fortuitous events or convenient turns. 

In actuality, Nick had planned for Mick to shoot Beth rather than kill Beth to get the Police’s attention, leave the gun for them to find, and allow them to see the prints on the weapon since it was the gun that had killed Lucy.

Good Girls Ending Explained

The conclusion showed Beth triumphant, Ruby appearing to side with Beth rather than moving to Nevada with her family, and Annie in jail. There are connections to be made because Annie’s ending was the one people found to be the least logical upon first viewing.

Reno Wilson as Stan Hill, Retta as Ruby Hill (Source: TVInsider)

The fourth season of Good Girls ended with some plot lines unresolved because there was still talk that it would return for a fifth season. Beth Boland (Hendricks) is elected to the city council after season 4. 

Before they can move to Nevada to leave their lives of crime, Mick (Carlos Aviles) shows up at Beth’s House and shoots her. Her husband Dean (Matthew Lillard), her sister Annie (Whitman), and friends Ruby (Retta) and her husband Stan (Reno Wilson) are also planning to leave their lives of crime there.

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She has spent the entirety of her time up to this point as a minor felon, complying with his demands because he has always held the upper hand in their relationship. 



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