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Wil Wheaton Net Worth: Career & Lifestyle

American actor, blogger, voice actor, and writer Richard William Wheaton III, aka Wil Wheaton, has a total net worth of $1 million.

On July 29, 1972, he was born and started his career as a child actor in 1980 in the TV movie A Long Way Home.

He is best known for his work in Star Trek: The Next Generation, in which he acted as Wesley Crusher from 1987 to 1990.

He also made a repeated appearance as a fictionalized version of himself on The Big Bang Theory from 2009 to 2019.

Wil also writes on his own website wilwheaton.net. Moreover, he is a writer of dozens of books.

Wil Wheaton (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Moreover, Wheaton is world’s one of the most popular voice actors.

He has done numerous voice performances in animated films and television series and audiobook narrations.

Further, he was a Keynote Speaker at the 2007 Penny Arcade Expo and was the host and co-creator of the YouTube board game show TableTop.

Wil Wheaton is a multitalented person and has explored different sides of his personality in his works and seems to have mastered them all.

Early Life

But, as a child, Wheaton was exploited by his own family.

He has stated that his own father abused him, and his mother just allowed it.

Further, Wheaton stated in his Tumbler Account in April 2021, “my parents forced me to become an actor to support the family”.

Due to which he has been living with chronic depression and generalized anxiety disorder for a long time.

Furthermore, he appeared with his two siblings in one of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, “When the Bough Breaks”.

More interestingly, The Royal Observatory of Belgium named an asteroid after Wil Wheaton’s name as 391257 Wilwheaton, discovered on September 12, 2006.

Quick Facts

Full name Richard William Wheaton III
Nicknames Wil Wheaton, Uncle Willie, Miltie, Teen Idol, Wil
Date of Birth July 29, 1972
Age  51 Years Old
Birthplace Burbank, California, U.S.
Height 5ft 10 in (178 cm)
Weight 145 lbs (65.77 kg)
Hair color Light Brown
Hair Type Straight
Eye color Dark Brown
Skin tone/ complexion Type II: Fair skin
Shoe size 11 US
Favorite color Black
Zodiac Sign Leo
Nationality United States of America
Ethnicity English, Irish, Welsh, German, French, 1/8th Sephardi Jewish
Religion Atheist
Education University of California, Los Angeles
Parents Richard William Wheaton, Jr. (Father)

Debbie Wheaton (Mother)

Siblings Amy Wheaton (Sister)

Jeremy Wheaton (Brother)

Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse Anne Prince ​(m. 1999)
Children 2 (adopted)

Ryan Wheaton (Son)

Nolan Wheaton (Son)

Profession Writer, Actor, Television Producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
Active Since 1980
Foundation The Foundation to Increase Awesome
Website www.wilwheaton.net
Net Worth $1 million
The main source of Income Writer, Actor, Television Producer, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
Political Belief Liberal
Hobbies hockey, magic, juggling, playing golf, playing guitar
Debut A Long Way Home (1981)
Highest Grossing Movies Star Trek, Flubber & Star Trek: Nemesis
Endorsements Newcastle, Dell
Social Media Instagram, Tumbler, Twitter, Facebook
Last Update May 2024

Net Worth and Income

The well-known American actor, blogger, and writer Wil Wheaton have a decent net worth of $ 1 million.

His diversified endeavors cumulatively make his net worth.

Moreover, he earns his fortune from working as Writer, Actor, Television Producer, Voice Actor, and Screenwriter.

Wil Wheaton has worked as an actor on 45 movies and television films, 36 TV shows, and 15 web shows and series to date.

Further, he has voiced 28 animated films and television series and 18 video games.

Wheaton got a $20,000 salary for every episode of The Big Bang Theory, where he appeared in 17 episodes.

Furthermore, he is said to have made wise real estate and stock investments.

Besides, he has published several books, his first book, Dancing Barefoot (2003), was sold out three printings in four months.

Also, as an actor, he had made several endorsement deals that helped him add a good amount to his net worth.

Net Worth of Wil Wheaton in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Wil Wheaton’s net worth in different currencies, including the cryptocurrency BitCoin. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro 848,650
Pound Sterling £ 725,845
Australian Dollar A$ 1,360,105
Canadian Dollar C$ 1,257,750 
Indian Rupee 74,451,550
BitCoin ฿ 26

Wil Wheaton House and Car


Wil Wheaton lives in Arcadia, California, with his wife, Anne Wheaton, and two sons.

He likes to live a solitary life in his cozy, sea-facing mansion.

Moreover, as shown in Big Bang Theory, Wheaton’s pad was very resonating with his real home as objects from his home were placed in it to make it realistic.

Portraits of Wesley Crusher, an image from his 1986 film Stand by Me with his friend Kevin Smith’s Jay.

Similarly, Silent Bob characters, D&D dice in the shape of the iconic Big Bang atom image, etc., were placed in his pad on the series.

Also, Wheaton’s house number 1701 was used in his Big Bang Theory house.


Wil Wheaton owns some luxury cars, though his car collection is a mystery due to his very private life, he drives a black Lexus and a Land Rover discovery.

Lexus is a luxury car produced by Toyota. The Lexus brand is ranked among the 10 largest Japanese global brands in market value.

Lexus car counts an impressive price of $39,050 in 2021.

Lexus, the luxury car (Source: Auto Trader)

Similarly, Land Rover Discovery, also known as “Disco,” is a series of medium to large premium SUVs produced by Britain car manufacturer Land Rover.

Wil Wheaton Land-Rover-Discovery
Land Rover Discovery( Source: Pinterest)

Land Rover Discovery has a whopping price of $68,900.

Wil Wheaton Lifestyle and Vacations


Wil Wheaton lives a very private life as, except for his career, his fans barely get to know about his private life.

He lives in California with his family consisting of a wife and two sons who are not his biological children.

However, he adopted his sons Ryan Wheaton and Nolan Wheaton as per their request, as they are sons of his wife from her previous relationship.

Moreover, he likes to describe himself as an atheist.

Further, Wheaton has an interest in computers, the internet, and technology in general.

Furthermore, he also enjoys brewing his own beer at home and had created a geek-themed stout beer called Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstout.

For beer, he collaborated with Drew Curtis and Stone Brewing Co. CEO Greg Koch.

After having a rough childhood and depression, Wil had been on alcohol abuse for a long time which he has been able to defeat lately.

He also announced in January 2021 that he had been sober for 5 years straight now.

Further, Wheaton has hobbies like playing guitar, golf, hockey, and doing magic.

He is also a die-hard fan of the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a baseball team.

Furthermore, he describes himself as liberal politically.

He has also been open about his beliefs in his different writings.


As Wil Wheaton’s life is highly private, he sneaks into vacations time and again without letting the world find him.

He likes to vacation with his favorite person, his wife.

Wil Wheaton with-wife
Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton in Arches National Park (Source: Instagram)

However, he describes his vacations on his blog posts on his own website and in his Instagram posts after returning.

Moreover, he went on a trip to Arches National Park with his wife, most recently in 2020.


Wil Wheaton mainly helps people with anxiety and depression as he was also the one to suffer from them.

Although he has not directly donated money to the causes, he has helped many fundraisers and is always working with a few of them.

Wil and his wife have founded an organization named The Foundation to Increase Awesome, which works on animal and women welfare and mental and civil rights.

Wil is the co-founder and associate director of the foundation, and he advocates for civil rights and mental health.

Moreover, through this foundation, they also support several other organizations like Pasadena Humane Society for animals, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, etc.

In 2019, Wil sold Star Trek t-shirts with acting in sign design for The National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Moreover, for Pasadena Humane Society, Wil raised $173,752 in 2020 through Wiggle Waggle Walk your Block Champaign.

Besides, for the same organization, he is collecting $5000 to help animals suffering from wildfire, along with his wife.

Further in 2018, he worked together with World Builder Fundraiser in the mental health stream.

Furthermore, recently in 2021, he collaborated with Concellation 2021 to raise money and donate for The Greater Chicago Food Depository, which helps people hit hard by the pandemic.

Also, in 2021, he’s been selling Roll Model D&D T-shirts through the Stands charity campaign.

The proceeds will go towards the Pasadena Humane Society & Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Movies, Investments, Endorsements, and book publications

Movies and other acting ventures

Wil Wheaton has done 45 movies to date; however, some of them have his remarkable works.

He portrayed Wesley Crusher as a regular cast member from 1987 to 1990 and occasionally returning as a guest star until 1994.

Further, he has worked as Gordie Lachance in the film Stand by Me(1986), Joey Trotta in Toy Soldiers (1991), and Bennett Hoenicker in Flubber (1997).

Moreover, he appeared as a fictionalized version of himself on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory (2007- 2019).

Wheaton also appeared regularly in the roles of Fawkes on The Guild (2007-2013), Colin Mason on Leverage (2008-2012), and Dr. Isaac Parrish on Eureka (2006-2012).

Besides, as a voice actor, he has done remarkable works as Aqualad in Teen Titans(2003), Cosmic Boy on the Legion of Super-Heroes (2006), and Mike Morningstar/Darkstar in the Ben 10 universe.

He has further done voice works as radio journalist Richard Burns in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Kyle in the Nickelodeon cartoon.


Wil Wheaton has expressed his love for playing poker and Dungeons & Dragons.

He had also participated in the 2005 World Poker Tour Championships by accepting an invitation to join Team PokerStars.

However, in 2007, Will announced he would no longer be on Team Pokerstars due to changes in the US legal system.

He held a farewell Pokerstars tournament on June 5, 2007.

Moreover, in Dungeons & Dragons, he has played the PAX 2010 and PAX 2011 event using the 4th edition rules.

Further, in Dungeons and Dragons Online, Wheaton became the dungeon master of the Temple of Elemental Evil quests.

Further, Wheaton hosted Table Top from 2012-2017, in which he explains how to play the various card, board, and dice games then play the game with celebrity guests.

Through the series Table Top, he raised $1.4 million, a record amount for a web series at that time.

Wil Wheaton has also voiced Abraham Lincoln in Code Name: STEAM and in Freefire Online.

More importantly, Wheaton has spoken out against misogyny in video game culture.


Though it is kept private, Wil makes investments in real estate along with his wife and also has some stock ownerships.

Moreover, Wheaton is the co-founder of the foundation, The Foundation to Increase Awesome.

People can shop through the foundation website, and its proceeds go forward to help needy ones.

Further, he has his own website where he regularly publishes his blog articles, and his books and audiobooks can also be found.

Wheaton has also produced 4 television series, which are The Wil Wheaton Project (2014), Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana (2015), TableTop (2012-2015), and Medical Marijuana Man (2021).

Furthermore, Wil founded an independent publishing company in 2003, Monolith Press, through which he has released several books written by himself.


At present, Wil Wheaton does not have any endorsement deals.

But he’s been able to add a lot of fortune to his net worth from his several lucrative endorsement deals in the past.


Wil Wheaten has written and published several books to date, which he started by publishing a memoir entitled Dancing Barefoot (2003) through his Monolith Press.

His first book sold out three printing in four months. It has five short, true stories about life in the space age.

Wil Wheaton Dancing-Barefoot-book
Dancing Barefoot first book of Wil Wheaton (Source: Amazon)

Other books written by Wil Wheaton are:

Just a Geek (2004) – a memoir about growing up on the starship Enterprise and finding life after Star Trek.

The Happiest Days of Our Lives (2007)– a collection of narrative nonfiction essays about growing up and being a father.

Sunken Treasure: Wil Wheaton’s Hot Cocoa Box Sampler (2009)

Memories of the Future: Volume 1 (2009)

Hunter (2011) -a short Sci-fi story set in a cruel and uncompromising universe.

The Day After and Other Stories (2011)–  a collection of short fiction.

Dead Trees Give no Shelter (2017) – a novelette.

Moreover, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything is his upcoming novel which is a semi-autobiographical coming of age story set in 1983.


Wil Wheaton started his acting career at a very young age of 9, as his mother wanted since she was also an actress.

Wheaton’s first work was a role in the 1981 TV movie, A Long Way Home.

As an actor, he has won several awards :

Young Artist Awards (1987 & 1989)

Melbourne Underground Film Festival: Best Actor (2002)

International Academy of Web Television Awards: Best Host (Pre-Recorded) (2014)

Besides, he is also the number one bestselling audiobook narrator of the New York Times and Audible.com.

Further, The Royal Observatory of Belgium named an asteroid after Wil Wheaton’s name as 391257 Wilwheaton in his honor.

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Facts About Wil Wheaton

  • Wil’s first commercial break was opposite Bill Cosby in a Jell-O Pudding Pops commercial.
  • Wheaton hates dancing, he says dancing makes him feel self-conscious, stupid, uncoordinated, and like a complete idiot.
  • Wil Wheaton campaigned for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election.


1. How did Will Wheaton meet his wife, Anne Wheaton?

Will and Anne first met at a friend’s new years eve party in 1995.

2. Does Will Wheaton have any biological kids?

No, both his sons are his step-sons, who on being adults, asked Wil to adopt them, which he accepted.

3. Why did Wil Wheaton leave Star Trek?

Wil Wheaton left Star trek because his character Wesley was being unpopular in the show, and also, he could not free up enough time to make movies.



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