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Wilbur Soot Response To Sexual Assault Scandal: Apology Video

Youtuber and musician Wilbur Soot uploaded an apology post as a response after fellow female YouTuber and ex-girlfriend Shubble accused him of sexual assault. So, in response, did he apologize? What’s the matter between them?

Wilbur Soot, aka William Patrick Spencer Gold, is a Twitch streamer and an English musician.

Besides that, he has a successful career as a YouTuber with 6.18 million subscribers on his official YouTube channel.

His YouTube journey began after he uploaded a group comedy video on his YouTube channel, ShootHouse.

And with his consistency, he established himself as a YouTube star and amassed millions of subscribers. 

Later, in 2018, Wilbur started his career in the music industry with his first single, The Nice Guy Ballad.

Despite all that, Wilbur Soot is experiencing his biggest downfall with the sexual assault scandal, and for recovery, he gave his response to the allegation through Twitter. 

Wilbur Soot Sexual Abuse Accusations: Explained!

In the live video, Wilbur’s ex-girlfriend Shubble explained her ex-partner would bite and leave bruises and poke them despite saying no.

She said,

He would even joke that it looked like he abused me And eventually he did acknowledge how bad it looked that I was covered in bruises all the time, so he stopped biting my arms as often and he started biting my legs instead.

Wilbur Soot with guitar
Gold has competed in multiple Minecraft tournaments, including MC Championship and Minecraft Monday. (Source: Instagram)

Besides the statement mentioned above, Shubble has explained her story in detail on her Twitch account.

The snippets of her live session went viral on several video-sharing platforms like Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube.

Though Shubble did not take Wilbur’s name during the live session, fans were aware of their bitter relationship from their respective YouTube channels.

Besides Shubble, other Youtubers have also decided to tell their story and come out in support of Shubble.

Wilbur Soot with friend
Wilbur Soot makes song covers on YouTube. (Source: Instagram)

Not only female YouTubers but also fellow male YouTubers wanted answers from Wilbur Soot.

After Wilbur Soot was bombarded with thousands of posts and comments on Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube, his attention shifted to the scandal.

In response to the allegations, Wilbur Soot finally spoke and tweeted a lengthy post on his Twitter account. 

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Did Wilbur Soot Asked For Apology: Video Details

Following the live stream of Shubble, netizens were waiting for more evidence before making a judgment on the abuse.

Nevertheless, there was no certainty whether Wilber was the one Shubble and other fellow influencers were discussing.

However, other YouTubers were also waiting for Wilbur’s statement on the allegations made in Shubble’s livestream.

Wilbur Soot dancing
Wilbur Soot formed the indie rock band Lovejoy with Joe Goldsmith. (Source: Instagram)

On February 27, 2024, Wilbur Soot uploaded a response tweet after his name was taken repeatedly in the video.

Through a tweet, he addressed the issue by saying,

“In the past week a series of allegations have been made over my conduct from an ex-girlfriend. I want to emphasize that, although I feel it fair to offer my perspective, this person’s feelings are completely valid. I have taken my time sharing this statement as I wanted to process and respond respectfully and with the hope to gain a deeper understanding for the situation.”

With the above statement, it is evident that Wilbur Soot has apologized to Shubble in his response.

Wilbur with fans
Lovejoy released their first EP, titled Are You Alright? (Source: Instagram)

Besides that, he has even admitted that during the last months of their relationship, he became selfish and disrespectful to Shubble.

Wilbur Soot also mentioned that he sought therapy after their relationship and addressed his violent behavior throughout his therapy sessions.

He has also made lifestyle changes to rectify his mistakes, per his official statement in response to Shubble’s allegations.

Nevertheless, learning from mistakes and not repeating those mistakes is what Wilbur Soot’s fans expect from him.

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