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Is Wilbur Soot Related To Richard Wilbur? Family Details

Following the recent controversy of Wilbur Soot with his ex-partner Shelby Shubble, many of his fans have started questioning his relationship with Richard Wilbur, considering both of them related to one another.

Williams Patrick Spencer Gold, widely known by his online name, Wilbur Soot is an English singer and songwriter.

On the other hand, Richard Wilbur was a prominent American poet and literary translator who passed away in October 2017.

Moreover, both Wilbur and Richard are renowned personalities in their respective fields of work.

Despite their separate careers, their similar names, and age gaps often create confusion among their fans and followers.

Due to these confusing factors, many people have started to consider Wilbur Soot and Richard Wilbur related to one another.

But are these famous personalities related, let’s clear out their relationship and find out whether there are any common threads.

Is Wilbur Soot Related To Richard Wilbur?

In addition to the recent controversies of Wilbur Soot, confusion regarding his relationship with Richard Wilbur has also arisen among his fans.

As a result, many have thought that Wilbur Soot and Richard Wilbur might be related to a certain extent.

Additionally, many sources have claimed them as related persons due to their similar names and the huge age difference.

Richard Wilbur captured inside his library.
Wilbur and Richard don’t share any relationship. (Source: New York Times)

These claims from online sources have left many people confused about their relationship, leading them to consider them as father and son.

However, there is no valid piece of information suggesting Wilbur Soot and Richard Wilbur as related except for a professional relationship.

Although they might not even be related professionally at the moment as both of them are personals of different professions.

Moreover, despite the claims from online sources, Wilbur and Richard don’t share any bloodline connection.

On the contrary, there is no evidence to support the argument that Wilbur Soot and Richard Wilbur are related to one another.

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Wilbur Soot Family Details: Where Does The Artist Hail From

Despite the ongoing discussions about Wilbur Soot, his personal details remain away from the public.

Although of his vibrant career in the industry, Wilbur has managed to keep his personal life apart from his professional one.

This decision might have come from his family itself as they don’t want to gain unwanted attention in their life.

Additionally, no sources have been successful in shedding light on his personal life.

Wilbur Soot captured during a live concert.
Wilbur Soot has kept his family away from the spotlight. (Source: Instagram)

Nevertheless, it is better to respect Wilbur’s privacy rather than poking our heads into his personal matters.

Still, it is known that Wilbur was born to his parents on 14 September 1996 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England.

Meanwhile, his Instagram does disclose information about his brother, Charlie Soot who is younger than him.

However, unless further confirmations from Wilbur himself, we are far away from finding out his family details.

Likewise, we should focus on his career and praise him for that instead of going around for his personal life.

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Details On Wilbur Soot’s Career? Journey From A YouTuber To A Musician

Well, Wilbur Soot’s career began during his early years in England.

He initially started sharing roleplay videos on his first-ever YouTube channel named Settings66 along with his friend.

Throughout his childhood days, he created numerous channels and started sharing content from his bedroom.

After years of hardship, Wilbur eventually gained fame as the crew member of the YouTube group SootHouse.

Wilbur Soot captured holding a bouquet.
Wilbur Soot developed an early interest in online content creation and singing. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, he also created his own YouTube channel titled Wilbur Music in November 2017 and forayed into the music industry.

Through his music channel, Wilbur began releasing his self-written songs, starting with his first single, The Nice Guy Ballad in January 2018.

Later, as he continued to release multiple songs and albums, he co-founded a band named Lovejoy in February 2021.

Along with the band Wilbur has toured multiple cities and released notable songs and EP’s like Pebble Brain, Are You Alright, and many more.

Moreover, he has also taught himself to play multiple musical instruments like guitar, mandolin, ukulele, piano, and lute.

As he embarks on a journey to creating a legacy, it will be worth watching him evolve with every successive project.

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