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Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Body and Autopsy Report: Meet Her Siblings

Wilhelmina Lancaster Body images have dragged huge public attention, which was shared recently. Find out more about the late sister Wilhelmina.

Mary Elizabeth Lancaster, famous as sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was the founder of the Benedictine Sisters of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

It is a monastery based in Gower, Missouri, about an hour outside Kansas City. Furthermore, Lancaster had a mystical experience at her first Communion at age 9, wherein Jesus invited Lancaster to be his. 

Likewise, Wilhelmina graduated as valedictorian of the school her parents helped to establish and then entered the Oblate Sisters of Providence, one of only two religious directives for Black or Hispanic women.

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Body Pictures

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster passed away on May 29, 2019, at the age of 95. Four years after her death, Lancaster’s body pictures have gone viral on social media.

Following her death, her wooden coffin was placed directly on the damp earth. Four years after her death and funeral, Lancaster’s body was exhumed and was discovered to be perfectly preserved.

Wilhelmina Lancaster Body
Four years after her death, Wilhelmina Lancaster’s body pictures have gone viral on social media. ( Source: Catholic News Agency )

Except for Lancaster’s hands which appeared to be mummified, her face did not show any signs of decomposition. Reportedly, the order chose to disinter her body to push it to its final resting place inside its monastery chapel, as custom with establishing members.

Furthermore, the sister’s body was not even embalmed. Mother Cecilia, OSB, believes that Lancaster is the first African American woman to be found incorrupt.

Likewise, Lancaster’s body was covered in a thin layer of mold from the condensation inside the wooden coffin, which also had a crack.

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Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Autopsy Report

Everyone is searching for sister Wilhelmina Lancaster’s autopsy report following her recent body images that have been shared heavily. 

She died in Missouri and is currently drawing crowds of pilgrims who believe a miracle has happened. Following her death, she was buried without being embalmed.

When the nuns chose to move her remains to place them under the altar in the convent’s chapel, they found her body showed little sign of decay some four years after Wilhelmina died. 

Wilhelmina Lancaster Autopsy
Wilhelmina Lancaster died in Missouri on May 29, 2019, at the age of 95. ( Source: The Mirror )

Photos taken at the scene show that many pilgrims decide to gently touch Wilhelmina’s hands, which appear skinny and leathery and have been obscured in wax, as has her face. 

A sign beside the body, surrounded by flowers, warned those touching her. The sign reads, “Please be gentle when touching sister’s body, especially her feet.”

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Meet Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Siblings

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster was not only the child of her parents, as Wilhelmina was raised alongside her four siblings, but their names have not been shared with the tabloids.

Lancaster was raised as the two of five kids of her parents. Reportedly, her parents were Catholics. Furthermore, Lancaster was born on April 13, 1924, in St. Louis on Palm Sunday and was raised in a profoundly pious home. 

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster Siblings
Visitors view the body of Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster. ( Source: The Catholic Travel Guide )

It is said that her parents didn’t want Wilhelmina to go to a public high school. So, they got to work and founded St. Joseph’s Catholic High School for Negroes, which stayed until Archbishop Ritter ended segregation in the diocese.

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