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Did Will Arnett And Alessandra Brawn Split? 2024 Relationship Update

Subject to public scrutiny, Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn find themselves amidst persistent speculations, including rumors about the status of their relationship and potential split. So, did they split? Let’s find out!

William Emerson Arnett, a Canadian-American actor and comedian, has established a notable presence in the entertainment industry.

Alessandra Brawn, initially in marketing and PR in NYC, later founded her clothing company, Chapel, in 2016.

However, Alessandra came into the spotlight after entering a relationship with Will.

Such fame brings continuous public interest and investment in the couple’s personal life.

With rumors of their split circulating the internet, fans want to know the truth about the relationship status of Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn.

Did Will Arnett And Alessandra Brawn Split? 2024 Relationship Update

In the spotlight, the couple, Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn, faces rumors, including speculation about a split.

However, the circulating rumors lack evidence, indicating that the speculations about Alessandra Brawn and Will Arnett split are unfounded.

Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn in Venice
Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn have not addressed the rumors about the split. (Source: Twitter)

The couple’s private nature in their relationship may contribute to the emergence of rumors.

In 2019, Arnett and Brawn made their relationship public, marking a significant and pivotal year for the couple.

In May, their relationship became public during cross-country trips, and by September, they made their red-carpet debut at the 2019 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

Additionally, they share a son named Alexander Denison Arnett, affectionately referred to as Denny.

Will and Alessandra with cars behind
They had both been married before they met each other. (Source: Twitter)

Yet, the wedding bells haven’t rung for this dynamic duo, adding an air of anticipation to their story.

Furthermore, their limited sharing on social media adds to the intrigue surrounding their relationship.

Hence, these factors contribute to the swirling rumors surrounding a potential split of Will Arnett and Alessandra Brawn.

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Details About Alessandra Brawn And Will Arnett’s Past Relationship

As of 2024, Alessandra Brawn is 37 years old, as she was born on January 8, 1987.

Alessandra, a New York native and American citizen of white ethnicity, is the daughter of Joyce Griffin and Gordon Brawn.

She studied communications at Emerson College from 2007 to 2009 and attended Columbia College from 2005 to 2007.

Alessandra and Will
The couple share a son named Alexander “Denny” Denison. (Source: Twitter)

Brawn, a fashion industry figure, was the CEO and co-owner of Chapel, known for its vintage band T-shirts.

Despite departing Chapel in 2017, Brawn remained actively engaged in the brand’s operations.

Further, working with the brand, one of her joys was witnessing how celebrities uniquely styled their T-shirts.

Before she co-founded Chapel, Brawn held a position in public relations at Kiki de Montparnasse.

Before her relationship with Will, Alessandra was formerly married to Jon Neidich, a prominent restaurateur and businessman in New York.

Alessandra and Will with their son
The couple is quite private about their relationship. (Source: Twitter)

They tied the knot in October 2014 in a wedding ceremony held in Pisa, Italy.

Following approximately four years together, they chose to end their relationship in 2018. Alessandra has a son named Nash with her ex-husband, Jon.

Meanwhile, before entering into a relationship with Alessandra, Will was married twice, first to Ann Miller and later to Amy Poehler.

After a heart-wrenching divorce, Will’s life took a new turn when Alessandra entered the scene. Their love story unfolded, leading to the joyous addition of their son.

Therefore, it’s wise not to jump to conclusions about rumors unless verified by a credible source.

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