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Will Ganss Wikipedia, Partner: Meet ABC News Reporter, Writer

Will Ganss, a news reporter from ABC, has been in the spotlight since he came out as an LGBTQI+ community member, and people started searching for his Wikipedia page. Let’s find out more about him.

Originating from Texas, Will Ganss is a famous news personality born on March 23. However, his birth year is unknown.

Mother Evelyn Sonny gave birth to him, but no one has mentioned his father’s name anywhere.

However, his grandfather’s name is Franny, and his sister’s is Kristie. Besides, reporter Will identifies as an Ariens as his zodiac sign is Aries.

As for his career, he’s been associated with ABC News for more than 11 years now. 

Besides, he is an extrovert who loves making friends and being around people.

Further, Will is also very fond of dogs and owns a chihuahua, which is like his son.

Nonetheless, people seemed interested in the Wikipedia page after Will Ganss came out as an LGBTQI++ member.

Will Ganss Wikipedia: Bio Of ABC News Reporter

There is so much to know about Will Ganss; however, his story remains concealed due to the lack of his Wikipedia page.

Will Ganss is a graduate magna cum laude from Fordham University in New York City.

He has a double major in Media Studies, with Spanish language and literature as a major.

Moreover, Will started his journey as a freelance reporter and host with ABC News in 2012.

There is no Wikipedia page for Will Ganss.
Will Ganss is friends with many celebrities. (Source: Instagram)

He has also appeared in World News Now and many other shows.

Moreover, Will reports regularly for World News Now, where he brings a segment called Two Truths.

Further, Will Ganss hosts Good Morning America (GMA) and streams GMA on Twitter and Instagram, which collectively has over 9 million followers.

He has also interviewed many celebrities on this stream, including Mel Gibson and Garth Brooks.

Further, Will has written many articles featured on the ABC News site.

Along with Yi-Jin Yu, Will has written about how a 99-year-old woman is excited to meet her 100th grandchild.

Will Ganss in his set.
Will Ganss is an extrovert man. (Source: Instagram)

Meanwhile, he published his recent article on the ABC News site on August 31, 2023.

Besides, Will has been promoted to Multiplatform Reporter based in New York City in June 2023.

Further, he earned three Emmy Awards and one Webby Award.

However, before starting his journey as a reporter, he was a broker and anchor producer.

Will was also a producer for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Nevertheless, the information about Will Ganss remains under the curtains because Wikipedia has not featured him yet.

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Story About Coming Out: Will Ganss Is Gay

Will Ganss has always been vocal about being supportive of LGBTQI++, which made people search for his Wikipedia to find out if he’s a gay man.

Nevertheless, Will has shared his coming out story on National Coming Out Day.

He shares his process of coming out as an LGBTQI++ member and celebrating authenticity.

He mentioned that coming out as an LGBTQI++ member is not at all fascinating. Will said in his video story that,

For me coming out was a process and it was not always easy.

Will Ganss in a Lavender suit.
Will Ganss advocates for LGBTQI++. (Source: Instagram)

Will believes that coming out is work and that work is worth it.

The reporter feels very lucky because his family and friends have always supported and celebrated his authentic self.

However, Will Ganss is single and not looking for a partner.

In the Q&A section of his Instagram, he was asked if he has a boyfriend, to which he responded he is single.

He feels he would like to be with someone who improves his life.

However, Will believes his life is going great and doesn’t need somebody to improve it.

Nevertheless, despite having so much to share about Will Ganss, his stories remain untold in Wikipedia.

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