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Winta Zesu Parents: Where Are They From? Fraud Controversy

The restaurant videos of Winta Zesu were trending on various platforms but are currently causing controversy for her. She has admitted that those videos are fake and that the parents of Winta Zesu are now being affected by her actions online.

Winta Zesu is a popular TikTok, a social media influencer, and a model. She was born in the year 2000 on November 1.

Her journey to becoming a famous social media personality began after opening her YouTube channel.

Winta slowly started posting more on TikTok as well, where she now has more than 340k followers.

She is also very active on the fashion scene. In July of 2023, she went to the Miami Swim Week and also attended various Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

However, Winta Zesu is currently in the headlines for a very controversial reason, as fans argue that her actions are the result of her parents upbringing.

Winta Zesu Parents Under Scrutiny: Behind The Scenes Of Viral Restaurant Videos

The controversy is about her series of videos where she acts very spoilt and demanding in various restaurants.

In those videos, Winta often puts the restaurant staff in a very uncomfortable situation, complaining about the food and the presentation and asking for new dishes.

Winta Zesu tiktok
Many of Winta’s fans are defending her and saying that she did it for entertainment. (Source: Instagram)

This behavior of hers in those videos made many questions about what kind of family she comes from.

Many were pointing fingers at her parents about how they brought up Winta.

We do not have information about her parents as neither Winta nor her parents have ever shown their identity on media.

They appear to be not liking the attention that comes with the social media presence.

The reactions from the viewers on those videos were very intense, and some were even amused by how absurd the situation was.

Winta Zesu insta
Winta Zesu says that she did not intend to hurt anyone by her actions. (Source: Instagram)

Especially because the food Winta asked to replace was not even as bad as she claimed it to be.

But the twist is that Winta later came out to admit that those videos were fake.

She and one of her friends came together to create those fake series to ‘show their acting skills.’

Winta says that she did not think the series of videos would get such intense responses from the viewers.

So, the assumptions about the parents of Winta Zesu are also slowing down with the new revelation.

Further, we ask netizens not to jump and blame the parents of Winta Zesu without understanding the full story.

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Winta Zesu Spark Outrage & Concerns: Viewers Says ‘Online Fraud’

In one of Winta’s infamous restaurant videos, she is seen complaining about the placement of an egg on her plate.

While Winta was seen expecting the staff to correct the placement of her egg, from the background, a waitress asked them to leave.

Winta, in the video, pretends to be in shock and disbelief, but later, she adds that the particular moment was real.

Winta Zesu selfie
Winta Zesu is keeping it low for a while after the fraud controversy. (Source: Instagram)

She does not stop there as Winta continues to make even more videos after the incident.

Bad or good, the videos she created in the restaurants got a lot of engagement.

But the internet has now been raising concerns about her actions. Viewers think this is a kind of fraud, and she lied to all her followers.

They are emphasizing the boundary that should be there between reality and satire.

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