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Who Is Xiao Xiao From The Great Ruler? Husband & Age

The anime adaptation of the novel Da Zhu Zai has become the hottest subject, as they are enjoying its visuals, mainly of the character Xiao Xiao. However, recently, fans seem curious about the personal life of Xiao Xiao, starting from the details of her husband.

The story of the anime version, The Great Ruler, revolves around a boundless place, The Great Thousand World, with no end.

It is a heavenly place for those who are powerful and divine, with no lords or heavenly sovereigns since eternity.

Sovereigns are potent beings who display a legend that others desire. This display aims to win over the rule of the boundless kingdom.

However, recently, they have started to settle one after another from the lower planes.

Meanwhile, the ruler of the endless fire territory is Xiao Xiao’s father, Xiao Yan, also known as the Flame Emperor.

Xiao Yan is an unrivaled alchemist, a peerless expert on his lower plane.

He acquires the power of the ancient god Tou She, employing it to protect his world from the menace of the Hun Clan.

Xiao Yan’s daughter, Xiao Xiao, is also one of the prominent characters in the story; some believe she also has a husband.

Is Xiao Xiao Husband A Reality?

Xiao Xiao’s parents are Xiao Yan and Cai Lin. She is beautiful, and she has a dynamic appearance.

She likes to nap a lot; sometimes, she even naps for years and years. Napping seems to have made her look more young.

Mu Chen looking up in the sky.
Xiao Xiao almost always fights with Xiao Cai on her side and always looks for means to get stronger (Source: YouTube)

Moreover, her status as the most formidable among the younger generation is due to her association with Xiao Cai, a Seven-Colored Heaven Swallowing Python.

Xiao Xiao has also fought several battles that involved fighting alongside Mu Chen, the story’s main protagonist.

Again, she has also helped Mu Chen in his cultivation, along with helping him attain his true Dragon-Phoenix body.

Xiao has a white body, and her hair is like a waterfall. She has arched eyebrows, red lips, shiny eyes, and a pointy nose.

Her beauty is so immense that it will be hard to believe that she does not have a love interest.

She seems close to Mu Chen; many might think he is her love interest. However, the story never indicates a direct love connection between the two characters.

Xiao Xiao portrait.
Cai Xiao is the alias used by Xiao Xiao. (Source: YouTube)

It seems like Mu Chen is more interested in marrying Luo Li.

Xiao Xiao prefers fighting alongside him like she did in Dragon-Phoenix Haven. More than love, she is more interested in Mu’s cultivation capabilities.

However, nothing in the story indicates the existence of a husband in Xiao Xiao’s life.

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Age Of The Flame Princess Xiao Xiao

In the narrative, Xiao Xiao frequently takes naps, occasionally dozing for years, a trait she acquired because she has a hybrid human gene.

This sleeping habit has affected her physical character; in other words, sleeping for a long time has helped her stay beautiful and young.

Mu Chen with his love.
Every time Xiao Cai’s strength levels up, Xiao Xiao subsequently gets stronger. (Source: YouTube)

This habit might have been in her genes, as she is not a complete human; in reality, she is a half-human and a half-snake-man.

The exact age of Xiao Xiao is unknown, but she is indeed more than one hundred years old.

Despite her age, she still manages to look beautiful and alluring. She is also one of the most powerful characters in the story.

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