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Saloum: Does Yann Gael Have Wife? Family, Ethnicity And Net Worth

Yann Gael is a Cameroonian-French television, film, and stage actor born in Garoua.

His latest film premiered at Toronto Film Festival 2021. As he is wrapping up the new Netflix series 1899 by the creation of Netflix, hit dark.

Saloum is a Senegalese thriller film directed by Congolese director Jean Luc in 2021. Yann Gael is playing the lead role in Saloum as Chaka.

He is known for leading the first African francophone Netflix Series. He is a massive star on the network.

Yann Gael Wife: Is Saloum Cast Married?

Yann Gael is a French-Cameroonian film, theater, and television actor born in Garoua, Cameroon. The Saloum cast is best known for his roles in Sakho and Mangane.

Yann Gael
Yann Gael In Award Function
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He is a private person, so he doesn’t;t like to share much information about his personal life. Gael has so much going on in his life, but he shares a little. Yann has not talked about his relationship status, so we assume he is single.

Though he is a private person and doesn’t share much about himself, his fan still adores him and respect his decision to maintain his privacy.

Yann is a talented actor both on screen and in theatre. He always wanted to change his life as his childhood was not good for him. And now, he made the most significant success of his life.

Yann Gael Family And Ethnicity

He has not revealed publicly about his parents or his family background. While he didn’t say much about his childhood in any particular interview, he has been known to talk about the violence he felt growing up.

Yann Gael
Yann Gael In An Interview
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Yann was born and raised in Garoua, Cameroon, but later on, he attended courses at the French National Academy of Drama in Paris, so he is known as French-Cameroon. His nationality can be understood as both French and Cameroon.

Gael was born on 2nd August 1986, which means he is 36 years old. He is in his mid-30s, so he is not old.

He is the first African francophone Netflix Series and was in Sakho and Mangane in 2019. He has been in a few Netflix series and is a massive star on the network.

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Yann Gael Net Worth And Career: How Much Does He Earn?

Gael performed the lead role in the movie Saloum. He has also done a few films and theater. 

He is also working on the highly awaited and technologically innovative Netflix series 1899.

Yann played as a Prince Narration in Flower, Jerome in Haynesville, Kaze in Black Soldier, Chaka in Saloum, Him in Hope, Michel Martinez in Loro 1, and many more.

Yann Gael
Yann Gael In Saloum Review
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Though he has gained success in film and television, he feels that theater is essential to him. He loves to perform on the stage in front of a live audience.

When you can perform in front of an audience without being able to re-do takes, you are so much more than just a little star.

The young actor is also active on social media platforms. He is on Instagram and Twitter, and he has quite a following. Gael earns $41 to $71 per post on Instagram. According to his work in film, television, theater, and Instagram post, he must be making a fortune.

He worked on a film that was not easy to handle for many. But he did it and learned a different time and different character. Gael did it so well that he won the Best Male award at the Festival Du Film De La Rochelle for his role in a film called” The French Dream.”

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