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Yasmine Bleeth Weight Gain Reason: Is She Pregnant at 55?

Yasmine Bleeth weight gain reasons have been a matter of concern to many people. So, here’s everything you need to know about her.

Yasmine Bleeth is a notable American actress and model who is widely famous for her work in the movies and tv series such as Baywatch, Ryan’s Hope, and One Life to Live.

She began her active work in the showbiz industry in 1980. After that, Bleeth worked on many hit projects that helped her gain name and fame.

Due to her work, Bleeth has been nominated for awards like Golden Raspberry Award and Soap Opera Digest Awards (1986 & 1993). She has also worked in a music video titled This House is Not a Home.

Throughout her life, Bleeth has faced many challenges and has gone through ups and downs. She often gets into the spotlight for various reasons, and now fans want to know about Bleeth’s weight gain reason.

Yasmine Bleeth Weight Gain Reason

Yasmine Bleeth weight gain reason has dragged the eyes of many people. Comparing her images from the past with the current, there is no shadow of a doubt that Bleeth has gained weight.

Apart from her professional work, Bleeth often makes rounds on the internet due to various reasons, including her weight. In November 2022, Bleeth was spotted walking her dog in a rare sighting since she quit acting two decades ago. 

She stepped out make-up free, in a black jacket, pink pajama pants and slippers in Los Angeles. She was subjected to scrutiny from online sources for her change in looks, which triggered a backlash from fans.

Yasmine Bleeth Weight Gain
Yasmine Bleeth has gained weight, and she was spotted in LA. ( Source: Daily Mail )

In the images, Bleeth looked like she had gained weight, but many people criticized her. On the other side, Bleeth’s fans supported her, saying that she is getting older and everyone should stop expecting her to look like she is in her 20s.

Furthermore, the actual reason behind her weight gain has not been shared as the actress has kept herself lowkey for a long time. 

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Is Yasmine Bleeth Pregnant At 55?

No, Yasmine Bleeth is not pregnant at the age of 55. Due to the weight gain news, fans and followers are also eager to know if Bleeth is expecting her child.

However, there is no truth about it, as Bleeth is not expecting her child. Apart from that, she loves staying away from the media, and the actress also ignores all the fake rumors that circulate on the internet without any facts.

Yasmine Bleeth Pregnant
Yasmine Bleeth is not pregnant as of now. ( Source: The US Sun )

Meanwhile, Bleeth is married to her husband, Paul Cerrito. The duo met each other in a rehab center in 2000. After some time, they fell for each other, and they officially became a husband and a wife after tying the knot on August 25, 2002.

Since then, Yasmine and Paul have remained inseparable, and they reside in Los Angeles and Scottsdale, Arizona. Despite being married for a long time, Bleeth and her husband have not welcomed any kids yet.

Where Is Yasmine Bleeth Now? Death News Goes Viral

Yasmine Bleeth resides with her husband in LA and Scottsdale. As stated earlier, she prefers to live a low-profile life rather than coming into the media.

Due to that, further updates regarding her current status remains unclear. Apart from that, people on the internet have been searching heavily for Bleeth’s death news as the rumors shocked many people.

Yasmine Bleeth Husband
Yasmine Bleeth was spotted with her husband Paul in 2017. ( Source: Daily Mail )

Some unverified sources have claimed that Bleeth has passed away, but it can be confirmed that the actress is still alive and she is doing fine in her life.

All the death rumors are fake, and they were created just to get the public attention. On the other side, due to the private nature of Bleeth, many people ask if she is still alive. 

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