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Zach Elliott Wired Autocomplete SNL interview: Delta Diarrhea case

Saturday Night Live has aired a Wired Autocomplete-styled skit on Zach Elliott. Who exactly is Zach, and what may have happened? Find out!

A rather unfortunate incident recently happened aboard a Delta Air Lines Flight.

A passenger lost control of his bowel movement, leading to uncontrolled diarrhea.

The event has been all across social media, with people concerned about a passenger. They have also become hysterical about how such a situation transpired.

The flight departed from Harsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Barcelona with approximately 300 plus passengers on board.

Suddenly, two hours after departure, the flight had to be turned around. And the reason was rather odd and shocking.

The reason it is now being called a “biohazard concern” has the internet into fits as people seem to think that the incident is being reported in an over-the-top fashion.

Viewers are talking about the Zach Elliott interview, which adds to the curiosity of others to know more about the situation.

Zach Elliott Wired Autocomplete SNL Interview: Delta Flight Diarrhea Explained

The man connected with this incident has been named Zach Elliott, although it is not clear how the name has become public.

Many blame the airlines for not having better privacy surrounding this event.

Especially as there is a public video that shows the situation within the flight posted on Reddit, which now has gone viral.

Pete Davidson portraying Zach Elliott in Wired Autocomplete Interview
Pete Davidson was answering the most searched questions as Zach Elliott.

Now, not only do people know Zach Elliott by name, but there is an SNL skit in a Wired Interview style openly mentioning the name.

SNL posted the skit openly on their YouTube channel on October 15, 2023, that parodied the situation.

The skit was in a Wired Autocomplete interview fashion, with Zach Elliott being the main character.

With this, both Zach Elliott as well as Wired have gained massive searches.

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Did SNL Add Fuel To The Fire?

It is unclear whether SNL already had permission from the unfortunate Zach Elliott regarding the skit.

Many think that this Wired autocomplete interview skit of SNL is insensitive and offensive about the situation.

Observing the video, it is not tough to see why, either.

The video single-handedly keeps the entire focus on Zach Elliott’s diarrhea incident, with questions repeatedly being asked in Wired interview style.

Pete holding the question card as Zach Elliott
Pete Davidson portraying the role of Zach Elliott has enraged some viewers even more on the whole Delta Flight Wired Skit.

The skit follows the Wired Autocomplete interview style, and every other question is regarding Zach Elliott. And the questions are very unflattering.

Many people seem to feel bad that this Wired skit of SNL will only lead people to search for the real Zach Elliott.

To add to that, Pete Davidson is playing the character of Zach Elliott in the Wired Skit done by SNL.

Pete himself is quite a hot gossip topic lately on the internet. And so is the incident of Delta Air, and this combination has led to further clicks on the skit.

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Is Zach Elliott Doing Fine Now?

Those people who read the news or saw the viral video seem to be very concerned about Zack Elliott’s health.

Even people who came to know of Zack Elliott’s incident through the Wired skit of SNL seem worried.

However, there have not been any major updates from Delta Airlines Team. This may also be to protect the passenger’s privacy after the initial mishandling of the situation.

Since the mishap is a rather recent one, people are growing concerned about what led to this event.

Pete Davidson looking at the question during the interview
There has not been any revelation as to who Zach Elliott really is.

Some seem to be blaming the food, and some even are blaming Delta Air Lines.

With the Wired sketch done by SNL, some people are also optimistic that there is no serious condition around Zach Elliott.

Otherwise, SNL would not be so insensitive about the incident.

However, nothing is for sure as there is no known online presence of Zach Elliott to verify his health or his side of the story.

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