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Zack Tabudlo Suicide Controversy With Moira Dela Torre: Singer Breaks Silence

Singer Zack Tabudlo suicide controversy has been explained recently. Find out the truth behind the incident with Moira Deal Torre.

Zack Tabudlo is a Filipino singer, songwriter, and musician. He gained recognition for his music and has released popular tracks such as “Nangangamba,” “Binibini,” and “Hindi Ko Kaya.”

He started his music career young and gained prominence after participating in the reality singing competition “The Voice Kids Philippines” in 2014.

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Zack Tabudlo Suicide Controversy With Moira Dela Torre: Singer Breaks Silence

Singer-songwriter Zack Tabudlo recently addressed rumors linking him to fellow artist Moira Dela Torre, breaking his silence to set the record straight.

Tabudlo took to social media, sharing a photo of himself in a hospital bed and revealing that he had attempted to take his own life, citing the pressure, accusations, mental state, and other factors contributing to his breaking point.

He expressed gratitude for being given another chance at life.

Zack Tabudlo Suicide
Zack Tabudlo posted a photograph taken during his time in the hospital. (Image Source: Facebook)

In his post, Tabudlo explained his friendship with Dela Torre, clarifying that they first met during rehearsals for his tour in March 2022. Dela Torre was a guest on his tour and collaborated on a song.

Tabudlo emphasized the strong bond they had formed with each other and their respective teams during this period.

Having remained silent for a year, Tabudlo felt compelled to address the rumors and shed light on his struggles.

His candid and personal statement aimed to set the record straight while acknowledging his challenges.

By sharing his story, Tabudlo hopes to raise awareness about mental health issues and inspire others who may be going through similar difficulties.

During a vulnerable moment, Tabudlo shared that he was not mentally stable and overwhelmed by the pressures of being a musician.

He explained that he didn’t have many friends growing up and was often bullied for his passion for music.

However, being in the company of Moira Dela Torre and her group of friends changed his perspective. They made him feel loved and accepted, becoming like family to him.

In concluding remarks, Tabudlo admired Dela Torre, describing her as the strongest individual he had encountered.

Relationship Between Zack Tabudlo With Moira Dela Torre

Tabudlo shared the timeline of his friendship with Dela Torre, revealing that they first met in January 2022 to collaborate on the song “Iba.”

In March 2022, Dela Torre joined Tabudlo’s tour as a guest, leading to their close bond.

Tabudlo cherished the friendship he formed with Dela Torre and emphasized how her circle of friends made him feel loved during a difficult period in his life. He regarded them as family, finding protection in their support.

When Dela Torre went through her separation, their group rallied around her, providing love and comfort.

Zack Tabudlo Suicide
Picture of Zack Tabudlo With Moira Dela Torre. (Image Source: Philippine Star)

Tabudlo lamented the misconceptions and judgments that arose from their closeness, highlighting the disconnect between public perception and the reality of their friendship.

He had supported Dela Torre as a friend in need, just as she had supported him. The weight of the situation became too much for Tabudlo, prompting him to break his silence and share his side of the story.

Tabudlo intended to clarify the intricate dynamics of their relationship and its detrimental impact on his mental health. 

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