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Zara Aleena Family: Parents Mourns The Loss Of Their Daughter

Zara Aleena is the most talked about topic in the internet world; she was attacked in June 2022 and killed by Jordan McSweeney. Meet her parents and family in this article. 

The Zara Aleena murder case has been quite familiar to us. In the past few days, the name Zara Aleena has swelled all over the social media walls. 

Zara was an aspiring lawyer and had just started her new career at the Royal Courts of Justice. Besides, she was a law graduate student who planned to become a solicitor. 

Aleena was a friendly-natured person who had a carefree soul and the most caring heart. Zara never stepped back to help the needy, no matter whenever and where she used to be. 

Zara Aleena Family- Meet Her Father And Mother

Zara Aleena was a family girl, and she lived with her parents. According to the sources, she was 35 years old at the time of her death. So, her birth date is between 1987-1988. 

Zara’s parents’ names are yet to reveal as of this writing. Similarly, there are only a few details available about his family and bloodlines in the media sources. 

Due to a lack of information, we don’t have much to share about his family. However, Farah Naz, known as Aleena’s aunt, has reportedly come to the media sources and talked about the case quite often.

Similarly, Zara’s other aunt Samaira and uncle Kasim Ali’s names have also come out lately. 

Zara Aleena
Zara Aleena’s aunts Smaira and Farah Naz, and uncle Kasim Ali. ( Source: The Guardian)

Apart from this, nothing much is known about Aleena’s family life. Nevertheless, some of the sources reveal her parents appear to be separated, as Zara’s mother became a single parent at 22.

Additionally, the name and details of Zara’s sibling are still to be included in the sources. Hence, we have yet to determine if she was a single child or if her parents had others siblings also. 

Zara Aleena Murder Case Explained

Zara Aleena was 35 years old law graduate student who was stabbed fatally and killed by Jordan McSweeney, 29, in June 2022. The murderer, Jordan, admitted to killing Zara after sexually assaulting them. 

The investigators revealed Ms. Aleena was fatally kicked and stamped on her, including several other women that night. Similarly, McSweeney has also conveyed a four-year penalty for sexual assault. 

Likewise, the defendant had only recently been freed from prison when he committed the attack. Well, this was not the assault he was punished for.

Zara Aleena
Zara Aleena’s killer, Jordan McSweeney. ( Source: BBC)

Jordan has received 28 convictions for 69 offenses dating back to 2006. He was charged with racist offenses, burglary, and attacking police.

Deep down in Jordan’s criminal history, he was found guilty in 2010 of attacking a young woman and leaving her with a swollen eye and several injuries. 

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Zara was found in a terrible condition by a couple. And more than forty injuries were found on her body. She received nine minutes of beating. 

Aleena was taken to the Royal London Hospital after giving over an hour of medical treatment; however, she passed out that morning. 

Zara Aleena Family Mourns Her Death

Losing a 35-year-old daughter is one of the hardest feelings for parents, so that we can feel Zara’s parents’ pain. Her parents yet miss her. 

Zara’s aunt Ms. Naz revealed is almost impossible for them to adjust to their life without her, which she expressed as a “new horror.”

She added McSweeney should have been compelled to attend court, and she also asked to see Jordan’s face. Ms. Naz said Zara’s family can’t stay there and doesn’t feel like living. 

Zara Aleena
Zara Aleena’s Family and friends at her funeral. (Source: Independent

Her family member explains Zara as a loving, caring, hard-working animal lover. Besides, she always contributed to community life by volunteering. 

Sadly she is no longer with so; our team also expresses heartful condolence to Zara and her parents. 

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