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Zion Williamson Controversy: What Happened Between Him And His Agent Gina Ford?

Zion Williamson Controversy involves his legal battles with his ex-marketing agent, Gina Ford, and Prime Sports Marketing.

Williamson is not a new name in the NBA world. Be it his fantastic performances or his off-court gentleman persona, he has always been a fan favorite.

The player started his NBA journey in 2019 after New Orleans Pelicans picked him in the draft. He has since continued to compete for the team as a power forward.

Regarding his sports accomplishments, Zion has been named NBA All-Star twice, ACC Rookie of the Year, ACC Player of the Year, South Carolina Mr. Basketball, McDonald’s All-American, and more.

He has a bright future ahead, and fans can’t wait to see what he will bring to the table.

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Zion Williamson Controversy – Legal Battle With Gina Ford

While Zion’s career has been smooth going so far, he has also faced some legal issues.

To be precise, he was involved in a legal battle with his former marketing agency, Prime Sports Marketing, and its president, Gina Ford, in June 2019.

Initially, Gina filed a lawsuit against the NBA star in Florida. In turn, he sued Ford in a North Carolina federal court to dismiss his five-year contract with her agency.

The legal battle involved various legal hurdles and loopholes. Gina’s attorneys requested Williamson to answer questions about his recruitment and decision to sign with Prime Sports and leave them for Creative Artists Agency.

Prime Sports Marketing president claimed she wired $100,000 to Zion’s stepdad’s bank account after he signed the exclusive marketing agreement.

 Zion Williamson Controversy
Image Of Zion Williamson (Source: Instagram)

However, the athlete won the lawsuit against the marketing agency and its president.

The ruling stated that Williamson did not misappropriate trade secrets and that the contract he signed with Ford was null and void, violating the athlete-agent laws of North Carolina.

This means that Zion does not owe Ford and Prime Sports Marketing the $100 million they sought in an alleged breach of contract.

The ruling may affect a separate lawsuit filed by Ford in Florida seeking damages for breach of contract.

With this legal drama behind him, Williamson focused on preparing for the 2021-22 season to help the New Orleans Pelicans make the playoffs. He has continued to play for the team since.

Zion Williamson Is Said To Have Received From Adidas Before Joining NBA

Zion hasn’t only been involved in the previously mentioned lawsuit. He was also mentioned during Brian Bowen’s lawsuit against Adidas.

At that time, Brian’s documents stated that the former Adidas representative, Chris Rivers, provided airfare and other benefits to athletes, including Zion.

The documents claimed Williamson’s family received four airline tickets before he became a Duke student. It also stated that Chris paid $3K monthly to the Williamson family for a certain period.

Moreover, Rivers is alleged to have made payments to Zion’s stepfather’s credit account at Ashley Furniture Store. He was said to have transferred thousands of dollars to many athletes’ families by laundering cash from Adidas.

Zion Williamson Vontroversy
Zion Williamson’s family allegedly took money from Chris Rivers. (Source: Instagram)

However, Adidas was unaware of any transactions happening between Rivers and the Williamsons. The company is also kept in the dark as to why the payments were made.

As Zion’s family allegedly received money, Duke was not involved in the matter. Furthermore, if the matter had been proven accurate, the young man would not have become eligible for the college team.

Nevertheless, the issue is long overdue, and Zion Williamson has put those days behind. He now focuses on his gameplay and career prosperity.

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