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Abitex Arrested: What Did Music Promoter Mr Abbey Musinguzi Do?

Abitex arrested case update will be revealed through his article. The incident happened on New Year’s Eve Saturday.

After the news about ten people’s death during the event was out, the topic began to have a great discussion. 

Among the ten people who were found to be dead, there were some children involved as well. The incident happened the midnight when everyone was looking after the fireworks.

The little information about the case has only been out; the investigation is ongoing. The identity of those who died has been discovered, and their family has been informed.

Read more about the case; we will include all possible clear information about Abitex’s arrest.

Abitex Arrested: What Did Music Promoter Mr. Abbey Musinguzi Do?

Abbey Musinguzi, simply known as Abitex, is a much sought-after promoter.

Police in Uganda has apprehended the high-profile event organizer responsible for a New Year’s Eve concert that killed ten people, the majority of whom were children.

There was a crash when 500 people went outside to watch fireworks during the eve, which was organized in the venue along the Kampala-Entebbe highway.

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The place was most popular with children and had a children’s play area and a swimming pool.

One of the POlice spokespersons from Police headquarters in Naguru on Monday, Fred Enanga, said they are also hunting other organizers who were part of the event the same night.

He said the promoters ordered the mall’s exits shut, leaving only one entrance through which revelers squeezed.

They have been trying to contact every person there when the incident occurred and have been looking for all the 500 people.

Some 500 people were at the venue when the crush happened
Some 500 people were at the venue when the crash happened. (Source: BCC)

This case might take time, as it is just fresh, and it includes 500 people, who will consume more time than usual, a patient will take.

The Party organizer, Abitex, is still under Police control. He has not been released and will probably face much custody following the case.

More information and the person who killed all those people will probably get arrested and charged soon.

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More about Uganda Case on New Year Freedom City Mall

Following the case, the mother of two children spoke about the issue. Her two children were found to be dead on the spot.

At 23:00, she pretended to be by herself and started to leave the area. However, the security personnel at the only entrance to the parking lot closed it and told them to go back inside, trapping them in a small passageway.

When she came out, she saw many people fainting, and the children started crying. She got scared when her older child held another and separated from her. 

Then, she mentioned she started searching for her children, but they were sent to different hospitals, and then she collected her children’s bodies from the hospital.

Some people died on the spot from suffocation while others died later in local hospital.
Some folks suffocated to death right there and there, while others passed away later in a nearby hospital. (Image Source: BBC)

Some died on the spot because of suffocation; some were sent to hospital and found dead.

The identity of the people who were dead has not been disclosed in public yet. 

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