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At ThiswasTV.com, we are a diverse and passionate team of individuals deeply immersed in television and entertainment. Our collective love for storytelling, drama, and the captivating realm of anime unites us in our mission to provide you with the most engaging and informative content.

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Dive into in-depth discussions and reviews of your favorite TV shows. Whether you're looking for recaps, analysis, or behind-the-scenes trivia, we've got it covered.

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Explore the world of drama with our expert analysis and recommendations. Discover new series and revisit timeless classics.

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant anime world with our reviews, recommendations, and insights into the latest releases.

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Aaditya Bhatta

Founder / CEO

I'm Aaditya Bhatta, the founder and driving force behind ThiswasTV.com. Allow me to take you on a journey that led to the creation of this exciting online hub.

Nirajan Shrestha

Content Editor

Nirajan is a talented content writer known for his dedication to the craft. He is passionate about continuous learning and have a particular fascination with Hollywood celebrity life and the celebrity business news scene. With a keen eye for detail and a love for staying informed, Nirajan excels at reading and writing about the latest developments in the world of celebrities.

Sanjib Sah

SEO Team Lead

Meet Sanjib Sah, our adept SEO analyst at ThiswasTV.com. With a keen understanding of search engine dynamics and a passion for optimizing online experiences, Sanjib ensures our content reaches the right audience, propelling our platform to new heights in the digital realm.

Reesav Niraula

Team Lead

Reesav is a entertainment freak who enjoys spending his time immersed in the arts and entertainment world. In his free time, he is delved into entertainment as well, i.e. playing his guitar and singing songs.

Muskan Ghimire

Content Editor

Muskan is an enthusiastic writer, editor, and blogger who likes to share updates on recent political, sports, and entertainment news with all the readers. With a knack for delivering unique and engaging content, Muskan continues to bring the true story out of the celebrity world.

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We provide accurate, transparent content grounded in evidence, authored and reviewed by experts, and sourced from top-tier outlets, all without influence from sponsorships or commissions.