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Who Is Chen Cheng, Adam Brown Wife? Wikipedia And Age

This article revolves around university lecturer, Adam Brown wife, Chen Cheng, who lost her life in April 2022 as she was murdered by her own husband.

Miss Chen Cheng was a 35-year-old woman who was stabbed multiple times in her Croydon North home during a fight with her husband Adam Brown.

She was a kind and selfless mother, a loving daughter, and a supportive friend. Following her death, Cheng’s mom, Liu Min stated that her daughter’s murder was “like a never-ending pain in her heart.”

Miss Min couldn’t believe that her kind and loving daughter, Chen was murdered in what should have been considered the safest place.

After Chen was killed by her own husband, Adam Brown, a university lecturer in April 2022, it raises several questions on human safety inside their own home.

Chen Cheng’s culprit, Adam Brown has been jailed for 24 years and now finally justice has been served for her entire family. 

After her tragic demise, people are searching for Chen Cheng’s personal details, including her Wikipedia and age, and we have got you covered.

Stay with us till the very end to unveil more details on Adam Brown’s dead wife, Chen Cheng.

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Who Is Chen Cheng, Adam Brown Wife?

Adam Brown’s wife, Chen Cheng passed away on April 30, 2023. Her life, sadly, was cut short by her own husband during a heated argument.

Chen was a loving partner, a doting mother, and a kind daughter. She was extremely nice to her friends and neighbors.

Although Cheng was a Chinese national, she later moved to Australia and earned her construction management master’s degree.

She got married to Adam Brown, a Deakin University lecturer, in 2017, and the pair welcomed their first child, a son named Luke, three years later following their marriage.

Sadly, an educated woman’s life was cut short by the hands of her own partner, who instead was supposed to be her protector and safety shield.

Her body was found in the rear yard of their Melbourne, Croydon North home in a pool of blood on April 30 after 10 pm.

 Adam Brown Wife
Adam Brown’s wife had finished her master’s degree in construction management. (Source: ABC News)

Moreover, Adam Brown’s wife, Chen Cheng was described as the “entire extended family’s biggest pride.”

Following her marriage with Adam Brown in 2017, the pair’s relationship faced many hardships. The couple’s marriage was at stake as they shared a very unhealthy relationship and would argue most of the time.

Additionally, Ms. Chen also suffered from mental illness because of the traumatic birth of her son, and her husband’s insecure employment, which frequently resulted in arguments between the couple. 

According to Cheng’s mother, Min Liu, her daughter was in an unhappy and toxic marriage. Hence, she was in frequent contact with Chen in Australia. 

Chen Cheng Wikipedia And Age

Following her tragic demise, people are searching for Chen Cheng’s Wikipedia whereabouts and age. Well, very less is known about her personal life since she was leading a normal life like any other average person until her death.

However, we do know that Chen was a construction management student who completed her master’s degree in Australia.

Aforementioned, she was a kind daughter and a loving mother to her son.

Adam Brown Wife
Despite several complications in her marriage, Chen Cheng continued to remain strong for her young son. (Source: News.com.au)

She was married to Adam Brown in 2017, but their love slightly began to fade following several disputes and arguments. Regardless of the fights, Chen continued to be strong for her family and son.

Speaking of her age, Chen Cheng was 35 years old when she died. She was born in 1988 in China. 

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