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Corey Mylchreest And Freddie Dennis Relationship: Are They Dating?

There has been significant interest regarding the truth behind Corey Mylchreest and Freddie Dennis relationship after they revealed that they live together in real life.

Corey Mylchreest is a charming actor best known for his role as a fictionalized King George in the hit Netflix period drama Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Likewise, actor Freddie Dennis is widely recognized for playing King George’s secretary in the same series.

Earlier this year, the two actors revealed that they were living together. Since then, their fans have been wondering if they are dating or in a relationship. 

Find out the truth behind Corey Mylchreest and Freddie Dennis’ relationship.

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Corey Mylchreest And Freddie Dennis Relationship: Are They Dating?

Corey Mylchreest disclosed that he moved in with the co-star Freddie Dennis in May this year. In addition, Mylchreest also admitted that he is closer to Dennis off-screen.

Following the news, some of their fans can’t help but wonder if the two actors are dating. However, it is not true. Corey Mylchreest and Freddie Dennis aren’t involved in any romantic relationship.

Corey Mylchreest And Freddie Dennis Relationship
Queen Charlotte stars Corey Mylchreest And Freddie Dennis are not dating. (Image Source: Distractify)

It was reported that the two talented actors share a close relationship as just friends. They first met on Queen Charlotte’s set, became friends, and lived together after filming.

With their monarch-secretary relationship in the series, Queen Charlotte stars are close on screen, but they are closer off-screen.

Moreover, you only need to glance at Corey and Freddie’s Instagram profiles to understand how close they truly are. The actors frequently appear on each other’s social media feeds.

Corey uploaded a carousel in Freddie’s memory that featured a number of sweet behind-the-scenes images and videos of them spending time together.

Nonetheless, the two actors are close friends in real life and are not dating. 

Who Is Corey Mylchreest Dating Now?

Prayers go out to everyone who was unaware that the handsome actor Corey Mylchreest has a girlfriend.

The 26-year-old revealed that he had a girlfriend. In a talk, Mylchreest was asked where he was when he found out he would portray the young King Gorge in Queen Charlotte.

Corey quickly answered; he was at his girlfriend’s house. The young actor has mentioned his girlfriend in several other interviews.

The revelations Corey made regarding his dating life ended there. He doesn’t post pictures of his partner on his Instagram, which is acceptable given that she probably doesn’t want to be the subject of any media attention.

Corey Mylchreest And Freddie Dennis Relationship
Corey Mylchreest is dating his girlfriend, whose name has not been revealed. (Image Source: Hello Magazine)

However, his fans quickly located the actor’s lover on TikTok. One social media user said Corey Mylchreest’s girlfriend looked like a nice person and hoped she wouldn’t receive any hate comments.

While “sorrow, sorrow, prayers” were exchanged after the discovery, most of his fans were happy for the performer.

Freddie Dennis Is Also In Love

Freddie Dennis is also in love with a gorgeous lady. According to reports, Dennis has been in a long-term relationship with Laura.

There are no pictures of the couple together on Freddie’s Instagram. It is not uncommon for celebrities to keep their life away from the public eye. Like, Corey, Freddie must also be protecting his lady love from media scrutiny.

The Queen Charlotte star Freddie’s girlfriend, Laura, is reportedly a talented photographer.

Nevertheless, both Corey Mylchreest and Freddie Dennis have girlfriends. Thus, the two stars live together and share a close bond as best friends.

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