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Does Bella Ramsey Have Down Syndrome? Is She Differently Abled?

Does Bella Ramsey have down syndrome? People are curious to learn if the Actor is differently abled or not.

Ramsey is an Actor from England; currently, she is 20, and she is known for many of her work; she is best known for her role in Game of Thrones.

The Actor is nonbinary and uses every pronoun; she has inspired many young Actors and Actresses.

She started her acting career by being cast member of GOT in 2016 till 2019. Since then, she has been continuously involved in many movie and television series.

People have noticed her from a television series, The Last of Us. Ramsey is the main lead in the series, and we will see more of her in more seasons.

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Aside from all that, Ramsey has often been questioning her health. Is she differently abled? 

Does Bella Ramsey Have Down Syndrome?

With some research, we know that Ramsey does not have Down Syndrome. Down syndrome is when a person has an extra chromosome since birth.

This is not something that happens after some time your birth; this can have many effects on your body.

Meet Bella Ramsey Of Game of Thrones, The Actress Playing Lyanna Mormont.
Meet Bella Ramsey Of Game of Thrones, The Actress Playing Lyanna Mormont. (Image Source: Thrillist)

People with Down Syndrome might be diagnosed with Cancer, and blood disorders that can include leukemia are the main problem you have after down syndrome.

Also, many other symptoms and problems can be seen if you have Down Syndrome, and if the Actress were suffering from the disease, she would share in public.

Ramsey looks fine and healthy; she has been involved in many movies and series, which means if she were suffering from the disease, she would not be able to do and be active in the film industry.

So, this is clear that Ramsey does not have Down Syndrome, but she might have some medical condition.

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Is Bella Ramsey Differently Abled?

Ramsey is not differently abled; differently-abled people are thoughts who are disabled and do not have proper physical and mental growth.

So, she is not differently abled, but she shared a health condition on October 2018 on the day of World mental health.


Bella Ramesy shared about mental illness on 2018.
Bella Ramsey shared about mental illness in 2018. (Image Source: Twitter)

Ramsey mentioned she was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa but is doing good now. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder and a severe mental health issue.

During the condition, she mentioned when she had anorexia nervosa, the hard part was the counseling sessions.

She is now fine; her faith and family were the main reasons she is doing fine and fighting for it.

Although she is doing fine with her mental health condition, she sometimes returns to that and talks about it. Many of us in this generation are suffering from mental health conditions. 

As she mentioned that we should take about it and never be silent. Silence can kill people, and mental health issues can be dangerous. We should talk or share it with our close ones who can help.

And, to make it clear, she is not differently abled; people who have been disabled and whose body part has stopped functioning can only be called differently abled.

People who have a mental illness like her cannot be called disabled. 

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Who Are Bella Ramsey Parents? The Last Of Us Star Family

The Last of Us cast Bella Ramsey is the daughter of 

Alex Ramsey. Professionally, her father is a businessman. 

Some outlets have covered that Ramsey’s dad also plays trumpet. Besides that, nothing much is covered about him. 

Likewise, Ramsey’s mother’s details aren’t available. Thus, her name is unknown. The same goes for her sister. 

Yes, Bella has an elder sibling in her family. However, like her mom, the actual name of her sister is yet to be revealed. 

Although the name of Bella’s sister is unknown, it is recorded that she is also into acting. According to Distractify, her elder sibling was in a theater group. Moreover, they worked together years ago. 

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Catherine Called Birdy Actress Bella Ramsey Education Details

Bella Ramsey’s parents welcomed her in Nottingham, England. Obviously, she was raised alongside her elder sister.

Regarding Ramsey’s education, Catherine Called Birdy actress had completed he early education. However, she never went to a regular school.

The rising star was schooled online through InterHigh School. Bella enrolled King’s InterHigh and never enjoyed mainstream school.

While Ramsey never had a typical schooling experience, she began honing her acting skills early.

Ramsey was into acting from an early age and began to work on it when she was 4. She then joined the Loughborough branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts.

After learning in Theatre, Ramsey gradually got into the Television Workshop. Soon she began auditioning, and the rest is history.


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