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Does Bobby Vivid Have A Daughter? Family And Net Worth

Does Bobby Vivid have a daughter? People are interested to learn about his personal information.

Bobby Vivid is simply known as Bob, a Tiktok content creator; he makes dancing and lisping videos on his TikTok account.

He has 831.4K followers on his TikTok and has been active and well-known since he included Lil Yachty and Taylor Swift in his TikTok video.

Bob often makes a video responding to his fan’s comments on the account; he has also involved his family on TikTok. 

People following him since his TikTok started to know him much better, but many still want to learn more about his personal information. 

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Does Bobby Vivid Have A Daughter?

Yes, Bobby Vivid is blessed with a daughter; he has often featured her in his TikTok. We can see an evident bond between Father and daughter in their TikTok. 

Bob has yet to share clear information about his daughter, but her TikTok account is Bailey Vivid. 

His daughter is also very active on her account, and she has more than 100K followers on her performances and makes dancing and lisping videos. 

Bobby Vivid shared a picture with his daughter, Bailey Vivid.
Bobby Vivid shared a picture with his daughter, Bailey Vivid. (Image Source: Instagram)

Bob had not shared any information about her daughter, date of birth, mother when he had her, or everything. 

He is very private about his daughter’s life; they have only been active on TikTok. You can find them having lived together as Fathers and daughters as well.

Many of Bob’s fans have loved their duo, and they have mentioned that people need more fathers like him. 

If you are interested in getting to know about them and want to see their bond, then you can get connected to their Tiktok account, @bobbyvvivid, and @baileyvvivid.

Bobby Vivid Family Details 

Vivid is an ordinary TikTok content creator; he is known on social media and has not shared any interviews or anything. 

So, there needs to be more information about his family in public. Bob does not share pictures with his parents, but he often can be seen sharing photos with her daughter.

Bobby Vivid with his friend, Nashvilla and others.
Bobby Vivid with his friend, Nashville, and others. (Image Source: Instagram)

Along with his daughter, he often shares pictures with a Tiktok content creator, Azurestormtattoos; they have not revealed their relationship yet. 

But people have often been curious and commented that you are a couple, but nor Bob nor the tattoo artist has shared about their relationship.

They both looked adorable together; they seemed to share a great bond. 

Along with the information about his current relationship, he has not cleared up his past relationship history.

We must confirm any relationship or make public his family information before the Tiktok star can confirm any news present on the Internet. 

Many celebrities often like to be their own and do not share much of their personal information publicly, and it’s their choice to make it private. 

Bobby Vivid Net Worth Update 

The audience is often curious to learn about well-known personalities’ net worth and earnings, so people are interested in learning about Bob’s net worth.

As many sources have mentioned, his net worth in 2023 is getting updated; his net worth in 2022 was around $ 1 million to $1.5 million.

Vivid has been earning significant money through his Tiktok and promoting different brands through Instagram. 

Additionally, he might have been earning money through his business, job, or investments which he has not revealed in public yet.

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