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Faze Rain Religion And Ethnicity: Family And Origin

People want to know about Faze Rain religion and ethnicity details. FaZe is one of the people who have benefited from YouTube over the past few years.

Nordan Shat, best known by his stage name FaZe Rain, is a Canadian professional gamer, YouTuber, and video blogger.

Rain is a FaZe Clan member noted for his call of duty, character, gameplay, fan mails, opening and joke videos.

His dedication to creating high-quality YouTube videos has earned him a million views and a considerable fan base. Rain is a strong enthusiast of expensive vehicles and owns several of them.

The majority of Rain’s wealth is derived from a combination of ad money from video views, sponsorships, and the sale of FaZe clan merchandise.

Faze has a huge fan following, and they want to know everything about him. Let’s read this article and learn about Faze Rain’s religion, ethnicity and other details.

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Faze Rain Religion And Ethnicity

Faze Rain’s religion has made his fans curious. Religion is what most people believe, but FaZe, on the other hand, does not consider himself religious in any way.

He claimed he did not believe in any religion and mentioned it on his Twitter account on Oct 2, 2013. However, he adds that he respects what other people want to believe in.

FaZe was born and raised in Canada, where French is the national language. As a result, he studied French at school for numerous years.

Faze Rain Religion
Talking about Faze Rain religion, he has mentioned that he does not believe in these kinds of things. (Source: Instagram)

Although he never learned to speak it well, he claims to comprehend a substantial portion. Rain’s interests extend beyond video games.

He’s also a passionate animal lover who claims that if he hadn’t gotten into gaming and YouTube, he would have wanted to be a vet or do anything similar with animal care.

In addition to becoming a vet, Rain also stated to have thought about becoming a professional wrestler.

Family And Origin Of Faze Rain

FaZe Rain lived with his parents and sister in his hometown. On the other hand, his parents began fighting often when he was about seven years old.

His father finally divorced his mother and left the family due to marital problems. Following their divorce, his mother married her former boss.

As a result, FaZe was miserable for an extended period before discovering pleasure through his Play Station 2. He had a lifelong passion for gaming, eventually converting it into a job.

He fell into sadness again throughout his adolescence after a breakup with a lady he had dated for over three years.

He is commonly misidentified as an Indian. He’ll at times has to justify his black and Syrian background. FaZe also received his schooling at a local auxiliary school in Canada.

Rain began playing professional online games after graduating from secondary school. He eventually realized his passion for online gaming.

Faze Rain Mental Breakdown

Nordan suffered a catastrophic mental collapse. Shat highlighted his troubles in a video in July 2018, saying that his popularity and money did not alleviate his sadness and anxiety.

He was asked to leave the FaZe Clan house towards the end of May 2020 owing to unaddressed mental health difficulties and substance usage issues.

FaZe attempted suicide in despair due to extreme sadness induced by his parents’ disputes. He tried to kill himself by taking too much Advil. After being hospitalized for a week, Faze had to visit a therapist for three years.

Faze Rain Religion
Faze Rain with his girlfriend. (Source: YouTube)

Mary, his therapist, supported him in recovering from positivism and reassembling his life.

Mary urged that he focus on his pastime throughout his recovery. Rain heeded her advice and began Call of Duty trick shooting, studying a lot of YouTube videos and even creating his own.

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