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Finana Ryugu Past Life: Who Was She Before Being A Vtuber?

In Finana Ryugu’s past life as a mermaid princess from Atlantis, she embraced her destiny as a Reef Protector.

Finana Ryugu is a beloved English Virtual YouTuber affiliated with NIJISANJI EN’s “LazuLight.” 

She has captivated audiences with her charming personality and engaging content. Many fans are familiar with her as a mermaid VTuber with a penchant for gaming and storytelling.

However, there’s more to her backstory than meets the eye. In this article, we delve into Finana Ryugu’s past life, her age, and her real identity.

It sheds light on the fascinating journey that has led her to become a prominent figure in the VTuber community.

Finana Ryugu Past Life: Who Was She Before?

Finana Ryugu’s past life as a mermaid princess was marked by her role as a Reef Protector.

Finana Ryugu Past Life
Finana Ryugu’s journey from mermaid princess to beloved VTuber is a testament to the power of storytelling and imagination. (Source: zerochan)

Before donning the persona of Finana Ryugu, this VTuber led a remarkable life as a mermaid princess hailing from Atlantis. Finana was destined for greatness as the firstborn and only child of royalty. 

She was born in 1000 AD to King Posetune and Queen Posetune. Despite her royal lineage, Finana’s true calling lay in protecting the coral reefs as a Reef Protector. 

It is a responsibility she embraced with passion and dedication. From a young age, Finana displayed exceptional intelligence and skill. She graduated from university at the age of 16 with outstanding marks. 

Her role as a Reef Protector allowed her to forge deep connections with the marine world. It fostered friendships with tropical fish and immersed herself in the beauty of the ocean.

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However, her fate took a dramatic turn when she became embroiled in the Ethyrian War. It is a conflict that tests her loyalty to her kingdom and her newfound friendships.

Finana Ryugu Age: How Old Is The Vtuber?

Born on June 21, 1998, in Japan, Finana Ryugu’s age places her at 25 years old as of 2024. 

Finana Ryugu Past Life
Through her engaging content and infectious personality, she has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. (Source: vendiloshop)

Despite her virtual existence as a mermaid VTuber, her real-life counterpart inhabits the realm of adulthood. It brings a blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned wisdom to her online persona. 

Her age may be a point of curiosity for fans. However, it’s her vibrant personality and creative content that truly define her presence in the VTuber community.

It transcends mere numerical labels to embody the timeless spirit of imagination and storytelling. Finana continues to captivate audiences with her gaming streams.

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Her age serves as a reminder that age is but a number in the boundless realm of virtual entertainment.

Finana Ryugu Real Name: What Is Her Identity?

Finana Ryugu’s real name continues to be a topic of intrigue among her fans.

She keeps her true identity veiled behind the persona she presents online. Some VTubers choose to reveal their real names and backgrounds.

However, Finana has opted to maintain a sense of mystery surrounding her personal life. It adds an element of allure to her online presence. 

This decision has only served to deepen the fascination with her character. Fans eagerly speculate about the person behind the virtual avatar, fueling discussions and theories within the VTuber community.

Despite the curiosity surrounding her real name, Finana is dedicated to her VTuber persona and remains steadfast. It allows her to fully immerse herself in the creative world she has crafted. 

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By keeping her real identity hidden, she preserves the magic of her virtual persona.


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