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Who Was Harry Houdini Wife Bess Houdini? Kids And Family

The Hungarian-American escape artist Harry Houdini wife, Bess Houdini, was the famous stage assistant. Take a look at their kids and family. 

Bess Houdini was the wife of Harry Houdini, the famous Hungarian-American escape artist. Besides, he was a fantastic magic man and stunt performer. More, he is mostly known for his escape acts. 

She also worked at Coney Island in a song and dance act called The Floral Sisters. Likewise, Bess was first courted by Houdini’s younger brother, Theo. 

Bess was originally from Brooklyn, New York, U.S., and had an impressive and successful career. Further, the husband and wife duo is best known for their amazing career history. 

According to the wikipedia bio, Bess’s husband, Houdini, also made multiple movies, but they didn’t give her the best he expected. Similarly, Harry always aimed to become the first man to fly a powered aircraft in Australia. 

Who Was Harry Houdini Wife Bess Houdini?

Harry Houdini was married to Bess Houdini in 1894. The husband and son duo is still remembered for their remarkable career as they both were famous one-time personnel. 

There have been multiple questions about Bess Houdini; she was born on January 23, 1876. More, she died on February 11, 1943, at 67. 

Harry Houdini wife
Harry Houdini with his wife, Bess Houdini. (Source: Forward)

Her birthname was Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner, and she spent most of her career in Brooklyn, New York. While exploring her professional career, she appeared in the movie, Religious Racketeers. 

Many fans loved her performance in the movie. Still, the film also sparked controversy among spiritualists, where she showed the belief that communication with those who have died is impossible. 

On the other hand, she also gained the attention of many people as magicians praised her. While talking more about her filming career, she was also cast in the movie including Houdini, 1953, Sally Struthers, Stacy Edwards and Kristen Connolly. 

Along with her filming career, she also has a successful music career Bess’s song “Houdini” from her 1982 album The Dreaming is about the story of Bess Houdini and explains how she tried to communicate with her late husband. 

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Harry Houdini Kids And Family

Harry Houdini and Bess Houdini didn’t have any kids throughout their married life. Besides, she attempted to be a mother, but due to medical reasons, Bess and Harry never became a parent. 

Moreover, Bess’s niece, Marie Hinson Blood, said Bess suffered from a medical condition that stopped her from having children. 

Although the pair wasn’t the parents to any, when Bess’s husband Herry died at 52, he willed to hand over all his property to Theo. Similarly, Theo Hardeen also named one of his sons Harry Houdini Hardeen.

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Short Details On Harry Houdini Death

The late magician Harry Houdini died on October 31, 1926. As per the sources, Harry died of peritonitis resulting from appendicitis in Detroit, Michigan.

Whitehead asked Harry “if he believed in the miracles of the Bible” and “whether it was true that punches in the stomach did not hurt him.”

And Harry said that his stomach could endure a lot. Then, Gordon offered “some very hammer-like blows below which he wasn’t prepared for the blows and didn’t think Whitehead would bash him so suddenly as he already had his ankle broken. 

Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini was a fascinating magician. (Source: Grunge)

So, throughout the day, he went through severe pain, couldn’t sleep, and remained in pain for two days. But Harry didn’t ask for any medical help, although he was later suggested to have immediate surgery. Despite that, he went for the show. 

This remains unclear if he died due to the incident with Whitehead, as many theories suggest many reasons behind his death. 

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