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Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant? Husband Mo McRae And Baby

Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant? Alexis Scott Davis is one of the most famous American actresses.

She is well-known for her roles as Toni Braxton in the 2016 Lifetime television movie Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart and Nya in The First Purge.

She starred in the short-lived CBS Drama series Training Day in 2017. She is now seen in The L Word: Generation Q as Quiara.

In the much-praised movie Unbreak My Heart, American Actress Lex Scott Davis has earned her breakthrough in Hollywood by playing R&B legend Toni Braxton.

Her excellent job aside, she also seems to have an intriguing personal life. Long-term partners Lexi and her husband are actively expanding their family.

Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant? Let’s get to know details regarding Lexi’s private life.

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Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant In 2023?

Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant? No, she is not pregnant in 2023. She has not revealed the news regarding her pregnancy in 2023. 

As soon as she announces her pregnancy, we’ll inform you. Regarding love, Lex Scott Davis is a very fortunate woman.

Mo McRae, an Actor, is married to Lex. On July 21, 2019, Lexi and her husband exchanged vows.

Davis was born in Baltimore, Maryland, to his real estate business entrepreneur Father and life coach mother.

Lex Scott Davis Pregnant
Is Lex Scott Davis Pregnant? (Source: Instagram)

She majored in dance and physical therapy at Drexel University before relocating to New York City in 2013 and continuing her education at the New York Film Academy.

In the 2015 Lifetime television film Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart, Davis was chosen to play Toni Braxton.

She next co-starred in the CBS criminal thriller series Training Day’s lone season after making her television debut in this role.

Lex Scott Husband Mo McRae And Baby Details

Their nuptials were a romantic event conducted in a little garden in Fallbrook, California. The guests were asked to turn off their electronic devices since the couple decided to have an unplugged wedding.

Furthermore, they decided to say their unique vows aloud on their wedding day. In terms of clothing, Lex walked down the aisle in Jimmy Choo shoes and a Lorenzo Rossi dress.

Her husband donned a custom-made tuxedo by Stacy Branden at the same time. The couple’s love story is as romantic as their fairytale wedding and is similar to something out of a romantic comedy or novel.

Before filming in Buffalo, New York, Lex and Mo met on the set of the horror movie The First Purge during the cast’s Meet and Greet event. They connected right away and felt a connection.

Even though they never had a scene, they grew very close, talked frequently, went on road excursions, and explored the town together.

After some time of dating, the couple finally engaged in August 2018. Lex Scott and her husband welcomed their first child in July 2020.

Lex announced her pregnancy and celebrated her new road to parenting in a lengthy Instagram statement she wrote shortly after getting married. In 2020, Lex, who is 1.6 meters tall, gave birth to a boy.

They will add another member to their family in two years. Lex announced that they were welcoming a baby girl in May 2022.

Career Details Of Lex Scott

Lex Scott real estate broker Father and her life coach mother, who saw Lex’s love at a very young age and put her in a dancing school at age three, deserve a ton of credit for her accomplishment.

The Afro-American Actress has put in much effort to gain notoriety in the entertainment industry.

She received a degree in Dance Physical Therapy from Drexel University and afterward pursued acting training at the New York Film Academy.

Lex Scott Davis Pregnant
Lex Scott Davis with her husband. (Source: People)

In a Kardashian feature for Glamour Magazine, Lex debuted as a model.

2015, Lex appeared on television in Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart. She then starred alongside other actors in the CBS criminal Drama series Training Day.

It is claimed that Lex is wealthy from her career due to her talent and perseverance. She hasn’t provided any information regarding her net worth, though. However, it is safe to presume that she has a million-dollar net worth.

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