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Jimmy and Tar Nolan Divorce Reddit Update: Relationship Timeline

Jimmy and Tar Nolan Divorce Reddit: Online users have been eager to know about the couple’s divorce and relationship timeline, which have been described in this article.

Jimmy Nolan is a former Varsity Head Football Coach at Centennial High School in Compton, CA. Besides that, Nolan played for the Utes from 1995 to 1999.

Later, he took head coaching jobs with multiple high schools in Southern California, including Fountain Valley, Lakewood, Carson, Laguna Beach, Compton Centennial, and Cantwell-Sacred Heart.

Likewise, Nolan was the head coach of Costa Mesa High School. Reportedly, the Nolan family was preparing to relocate to South Carolina, although Nolan agreed to coach the team for the 2020 season, which was set to start in January 2021.

Jimmy and Tar Nolan Divorce Reddit Update

Jimmy and Tar Nolan divorce news has left many people curious, but none of the verified media sources have not given any details about this topic.

Meanwhile, some threads have been created on Reddit where people have discussed the topic of Jimmy and Tar. All the rumors of their divorce circulated after Tar was involved in a deadly accident in 2021.

In the deadly accident, Jimmy’s wife Tar and their three children were involved, which shocked many people. During the accident, Jimmy’s daughter Micki died along with the driver of the other vehicle.

Jimmy and Tar Nolan Divorce Reddit
Jimmy and Tar Nolan were photographed with their beloved kids. ( Source: KTLA 5 )

The fatal crash occurred in September 2021 in Georgetown County. Carolina Highway Patrol Master Trooper Brian Lee reported that a 2000 Ford Expedition and a 2010 Cadillac Escalade were both traveling in an eastbound lane, and the driver of the Ford was on the wrong side of the road. 

Meanwhile, the driver of the Cadillac and a passenger in the Ford were said to be dead. During that accident, Jimmy and his oldest daughter Paisley were in California.

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Jimmy and Tar Relationship Timeline Explored

Jimmy and Tar have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for a long time, but there is not much info about their love life. Both of them have stayed away from the media.

As stated earlier, once the rumors of the duo’s divorce were circulated on the internet but it could be confirmed that they were still together. Also, we can find their videos and images on social media.

Jimmy and Tar Relationship Timeline
Jimmy and Tar Nolan still seem to be together, but their divorce rumors circulated on the internet a long time ago. ( Source: Facebook )

Apart from that, Jimmy does not posts images with his partner on Facebook despite having 51k followers on the platform. However, we can see his snaps with his kids.

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More On Jimmy Nolan Wife Tar Accident 

As said earlier, Jimmy Nolan’s wife, Tar, was involved in a car accident in 2021 along with their three kids named Micki, Daisy and Jimmy. 

Following the accident, all of them were rushed to the hospital, but the youngest baby, Micki, didn’t survive. Daisy, Jimmy and Taran were in very critical condition in South Carolina.

Tar Accident 
Tar Nolan was involved in a deadly car accident in 2021. ( Source: Walking with Anthony )

Furthermore, Jimmy had also shared the news of the accident via his Facebook account. Following the deadly crash, Jimmy’s partner Tar was injured heavily, and it seemed like her legs were injured.

We can find her account on Instagram under the username @taranmickinolan. From her Instagram handle, Tar has shared her recovery journey with the world. 

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