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What Did Justin Chiasson Do? Stalekracker Arrested For DWI- Where Is He Now?

State trooper and social media star Justin Chiasson has faced legal issues due to a boat accident in July 2022.

Justin Chiasson is professionally known as Stalekracker. He is a social media star, cookbook, state trooper, and YouTuber.

Following the reaction of the British chef Gordon Ramsey to one of his TikTok videos, Stalekraker became a media sensation. He is also known for short and humorous content and food recipes.

The TikTok star has amassed a massive fan following on his social media accounts.

There has been a buzz about Stalekracker being in some legal trouble. In addition, some reports also suggested that Stalekraker was arrested.

So, was the TikTok star arrested? Here is the detail of what Justin Chiasson did.

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What Did Justin Chiasson, Aka Stalekracker, Do?

Justin Chiasson is a state trooper (a specialized officer who works to ensure public safety) in Louisiana. During his spare time, he loves to explore his cooking skill. The social media personality often shares snaps or clips featuring delicious recipes.

The state trooper has toured all over his country and state. However, a boating accident seems to have put him in hot water.

According to WBRZ, the accident happened in July 2022. Chiasson was a passenger on a boat that Bryan Nolan was driving.

Their boat collided with a pontoon boat in open water, and Bryan fled the scene. The passengers in the other boat received assistance from an off-duty Police officer, but Justin never reported the event.

Stalekracker Arrested
Stalekracker didn’t report the boat accident and fled the scene. (Image Source: Facebook)

Bryan was subsequently detained and charged with DWI and hit-and-run. He was also accused of careless watercraft operation and negligently causing injury.

Chiasson didn’t experience any repercussions until October when word spread that he was the focus of an internal inquiry by the State Police.

Until the inquiry was finished and Justin would reportedly be forwarded to a disciplinary panel for evaluation, he had been placed on leave.

Was Stalekracker Arrested For DWI? Where Is He Now?

Justin Chiasson might face some significant repercussions, but he has not been arrested yet. Although he didn’t report the accident and fled the scene, he was a passenger.

The disciplinary hearing will determine his punishment. It is possible that he could lose his job in the end. However, it is just an assumption. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Furthermore, Justin didn’t share anything on TikTok for about a week.

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Justin Chiasson Refused To Take A Lie Detector Test

The TikTok star Stalekracer reportedly denied taking a lie detector test may have played a role in the internal investigation’s beginning.

Stalekracker arrrested
Justin Chiasson with his wife, Amy Chiasson. (Image Source: 973 The Dawg)

Justin’s wife, Amy Chiasson, vehemently denied that he did anything wrong since he was a passenger. Amy also said that her beau refused to take a lie detector test because he wasn’t taking his lieutenant down.

Amy also claimed that Justin suffered from broken ribs from he crashed and referred to her husband as the actual victim. She also said the state trooper hadn’t been allowed to tell his side of the story.

Although many people have already expressed disappointment over Stalekracker’s TikTok presence, it is unclear what Stalekracker’s future holds.

Given how much his audience knows about his own activities and their effects on others, it’s uncertain whether he will succeed in making a comeback.

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