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Missing Woman Found: Patricia Kopta Family- Meet Her Husband Bob And Sister Gloria

The Patricia Kopta family was surprised and excited when the missing Pennsylvania woman was found alive in a nursing home who vanished over three decades and was believed dead.

Patricia was discovered on the island after telling nursing home staff members about her background who had been caring for her for years details, according to Ross Township Police Chief Brian Kohlhepp.

After finding the missing woman, it solved a decade of long mystery from the record books.

Last year, the nursing facility called the police, informing them that they may have been caring for a dementia patient who might have vanished from a Pennsylvania township close to Pittsburgh in 1992.

Kopt was discovered in need on the streets of Puerto Rico in 1999, according to the information got by Ross Township Deputy Chief Brian Kohlhepp.

Patricia was discovered walking the streets, according to INTERPOL and the social worker, and over the years, she refused to ever share her private life or where she came from.

But as she grew older, The missing woman began sharing details that eventually led individuals around her to call Ross police.

Meet Patricia Kopta Family And Husband Bob And Sister Gloria

Patricia was a married woman who took wedding vows with her husband Bob. She also had a sister named Gloria.

According to a poster put out by the Pennsylvania Emergency Response Center, Patricia Kopta, was last seen in Pittsburgh in the summer of 1992.

A few months later, her husband, Bob Kopta, filed a missing person’s report in the fall. According to the flyer, he told officials that his wife frequently dropped out of sight for short durations at the time.

Bob, Patricia’s husband, stated at the press conference with Ross Township Police that she was gone one night when he returned home, and nobody knew where she was.

Later, Patricia Kopta family was in distress and worried after she did not return home. They searched for Kopta on every corner of the street with the help of police but were unsuccessful.

Patricia Kopta family
Patricia Kopta at an adult care home in Puerto Rico. (Source: NBC News)

Ms. Kopta had been married to Bob Kopta of Pittsburgh, for 20 years before she disappeared. Patricia Kopta family and husband assumed her dead after searching for her for years and not getting any clue.

According to Bob, Patricia led a regular life in Ross Township throughout the first few years of their marriage.

She commuted to different jobs in Pittsburgh, including working as an elevator operator, and loved ballroom dancing. He stated that Patricia was a devout Roman Catholic who often attended church and that the couple didn’t have any children.

Gloria Smith, Ms. Kopta’s younger sister, who was present at the news announcement on Friday, expressed how she felt when the police confirmed this week that her sister was in Puerto Rico using DNA evidence.

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Patricia Kopta Mental Health Issues

Patricia Kopta, also known by the moniker “the sparrow,” was well-known for preaching on the sidewalks of Pittsburgh’s financial district.

Before going missing at the age of 52, she also had a history of mental health issues, according to her family and the police chief.

According to the missing person flyer, Ms. Kopta used to be a “well-known street preacher” in Pittsburgh. The flier stated that she would approach individuals and inform them that the world was ending.

Likewise, Patricia would also state that she had visions of the Virgin Mary.

Patricia Kopta
A family photo of Patricia Kopta taken in the early 1990s. Kopta, who went missing in 1992. (Source: NYPost)

According to Kohlhepp, her departure wasn’t immediately suspicious because Patricia Kopta family was aware of her mental health history and statements she had made about her intention to leave and get admitted to a local care facility.

According to her husband, his wife had mentioned wanting to move to Puerto Rico to live in a tropical setting.

Bob also stated he advertised in the paper for his missing wife in Puerto Rico while spending a lot of money searching for the loved one at the news conference over the years.

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