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Patsy Stevenson Arrested For Sarah Everard Murder Case: Where Is She Now?

Patsy Stevenson arrest news is making headlines on the internet. Find out more information about the murder case of Sarah Everard. 

Patsy Stevenson is a 30-year-old woman from Essex whose name has been making headlines on the internet for quite a while now. 

Her name started circulating online after the news of her detention at a vigil for murdered woman Sarah Everard was posted.

Meanwhile, Patsy was not the only person to get arrested, as another person named Dania Al-Obeid was also arrested. People on the internet now want to know more about Stevenson’s case, which has been shared below.

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Patsy Stevenson Arrested For Sarah Everard Murder Case

Patsy Stevenson was arrested for Sarah Everard’s murder case. Stevenson and Dania Al-Obeid both attended the vigil for Sarah, who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a serving Metropolitan police officer in March 2021.

They were detained when Covid restrictions on large gatherings were in place.

Stevenson’s arrest, with officers pinning her to the ground, ignited anger and mistrust among women.

Likewise, the Met’s actions during the vigil drew widespread criticism, especially targeting then-commissioner Cressida Dick. 

Patsy Stevenson Arrested
Patsy Stevenson was photographed while being arrested at a vigil in memory of murdered Sarah Everard. (Source: Sky News)

Two and a half years after the controversial vigil, where the Met faced heavy criticism for its policing, Stevenson has endured stalking, death threats, nightmares, and even failed her physics foundation course due to the aftermath.

There is a new update following the arrest of Stevenson, and if you want to know more, read below.

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Where Is Patsy Stevenson Now?

Patsy Stevenson made headlines after the news of her arrest was posted online. The incident was from the past, and people want to know the recent update.

For your information, she has already been out of the police control.

A recent report shows Patsy and Dania Al-Obeid have secured payouts from the Metropolitan Police.

Patsy Stevenson Now
Patsy Stevenson and Dania Al-Obeid have secured payouts from the Metropolitan Police. (Source: Instagram)

The Met faced criticism for handling the vigil’s later stages, where some women were forcibly brought to the ground.

Additionally, its response to the negative aftermath was seen as insensitive and out of touch.

Likewise, Scotland Yard chiefs have also apologized to Patsy and Dania. Photos of officers pinning Stevenson to the ground at the Clapham Common vigil in March 2021 and controlling her prompted widespread anger.

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Short Details About Patsy Stevenson

According to her LinkedIn bio, Patsy is an activist, writer, and public speaker. She has been a freelance writer for a long time and is associated with multiple companies.

Since March 2021, Patsy has been working at The Independent. Likewise, Stevenson has been associated with Byline Times since July 2023. Also, she is a freelance writer at Marie Clarie.

Talking about her educational background, Stevenson went to Royal Holloway, University of London and received her Foundation degree in Physics.

Patsy Stevenson
Patsy Stevenson is an activist, writer, and public speaker. (Source: Instagram)

As a public speaker, Patsy has done talks for political parties and panels at festivals, including Primadonna Fest. Her LinkedIn bio shows that Patsy is working on her debut book, which Biteback Publications will publish in the Spring of 2024.

Further, Patsy can be followed on Instagram as @PatsyeStevenson, where she has collected more than 2k followers. She has a solid fan base on other platforms, too. 

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