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Serena Mckay Autopsy Report: Indigenous Woman Murder Case

Serena McKay’s leaked social media video was widely condemned, highlighting the urgent need for better content control guidelines. 

When a video showing the savage beating and eventual death of a little girl named Serena McKay appeared on Facebook, it shocked the whole world.

It takes no time for a video or content to be viral in today’s internet and social media generation.

As such, the horrifying video soon went viral, sparking anger among the public and posing significant queries about social media’s role in transmitting violent content.

Many believe the video linked to Serena’s homicide must be removed from Facebook. This article explores the specifics of the Serena McKay Autopsy Report and more details about her murder case.

Serena Mckay Autopsy Report: Indigenous Woman Beaten To Death

During the two accused murderers’ trial, a pathologist stated that McKay most likely perished from hypothermia because she could not seek shelter from the cold because of her wounds.

The reports also suggest that the level of alcohol in her system was high. According to testimony in court, Serena had 67 injuries on her body at the time of death.

Serena Mckay’s death was one of the tragic events that unfolded in mid-June 2023. She was murdered brutally, and even the incident video was recorded. 

Serena Mckay Autopsy
Serena Mckay’s autopsy reports suggest that she died of hypothermia and high alcohol consumption. (Source: Global News)

A short and complete version of the murder’s footage was shared on Facebook, where it lasted for at least three days before being taken down.

According to RCMP, the video can still be shared on the site via Facebook Messenger even though it has been taken down.

Although it is not prohibited to post footage of assaults online, those who do so without aiding the victim may be charged as accessories.

The video is being circulated via personal messaging. Therefore, Police are skeptical that Facebook can stop disseminating such content because of this.

Details On Serena Mckay’s Incident Clip That Went Viral

The murder was documented (presumably on a cell phone) and uploaded to social media; the gory footage spread on Facebook in short and long versions.

A young woman is shown in the video being repeatedly kicked and pounded in the head while lying on the ground, barely conscious and covered in blood.

Serena McKay Facebook Viral Video
Following the upload of a Facebook Live video covering the murder incident of Serena McKay, two adolescents were arrested. (Source: The Mirror)

The extended video shows the victim’s head being stomped on by a heavy boot, blood and facial injuries, and the sound of bones breaking during the attack.

In the video, female and male voices can be heard, but it’s not apparent how many individuals are in her immediate vicinity except the two girls.

The victim yells out, “I’m so sorry,” yet there is no explanation for why Serena is being attacked or what she is sorry for.

The victim hears a woman declare, “If you send someone after me, I’ll murder you. I’m f**king going to murder you myself.”

The younger suspect posted a Snapchat selfie of himself drenched in blood and grinning later that evening, with the phrase “just chilling.”

One of the alleged suspects allegedly told a Sagkeeng resident via instant message that she smashed the victim’s nose before she fled but that she was still “OK” and “up and walking.”

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Suspects Of Serena McKay Murder Case: Arrest And Charges

Two adolescent girls, ages 16 and 17, were detained after Serena McKay’s body was found on the Sagkeeng First Nation on April 23, 2017.

Since she was underage when the incident occurred, one of the girls, who has since turned 18 and cannot be named, pled guilty to second-degree murder in December.

The girl should receive the maximum seven-year youth sentence, which the Crown and the defense equally recommended during the court proceedings in Winnipeg.

On how long she should remain in detention, they couldn’t agree. The defense asked for just one year of imprisonment, with the remaining time to be served in the community, while the Crown argued for four years.

Serena McKay’s attackers were identified, which resulted in legal action being taken and one of the girls involved entering a guilty plea.

Serena McKay’s family, the community, and the crime’s severity must all be considered when the court determines the proper sentencing.

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