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Tennessee Dr Lionel Meadows Plane Crash: Pilot Death And Obituary

People are curious to learn detailed information about Dr Lionel Meadows plane crash. 

According to the FlightAware app, the small plane departed from South Bend, Indiana, at 4 pm on Sunday, but the flight data ended around 7 pm in Reliance, Tennessee.

The image obtained from FlightAware depicts the plane that is believed to have crashed. The Director of Polk County EMA, Steve Lofty, has confirmed that the crash was fatal. 

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Tennessee Dr Lionel Meadows Plane Crash

Dr. Lionel Meadows, a well-known physician from Northeast Georgia, passed away in a plane crash over the weekend in Tennessee, as confirmed by his colleagues.

The incident occurred in Polk County, near the border of Tennessee and Georgia, where the Cessna 182 single-engine plane he was piloting crashed into the woods.

The authorities were informed of the crash by a 911 caller, and a wing of the aircraft was found on a public road about a mile away from the debris field.

The pilot who died in the plane crash in Polk County, Tennessee, has been identified as Dr. Lionel Meadows
Dr. Lionel Meadows was the pilot who died in the plane crash in Polk County, Tennessee. (Image Source: Local3News.com)

The practice revealed that Dr. Meadows was flying alone to visit family when his small plane crashed during a storm on May 7, 2023. The exact details of the crash are yet to be ascertained.

The statement was posted on Monday night to announce the news of his demise.

According to the Meadows Surgical Arts website, Dr. Lionel Meadows practiced as an OBGYN in Toccoa, Georgia, for more than ten years before specializing in cosmetic surgery.

As officials gather more information about the crash, the story is still developing, and further details are yet to be released.

Lionel Meadows Pilot Death And Obituary

As of now, there is no publicized obituary for Lionel Meadows. However, news reports have confirmed his death in a plane crash on May 7, 2023.

Dr. Meadows was a well-known physician and medical director at Meadows Surgical Arts based in Commerce, Georgia.

Before specializing in cosmetic surgery, he practiced as a board-certified obstetrician for over a decade at the Women’s Wellness Center in Toccoa, Georgia.

The statement shared following the death state,

“Today, we mourn the tragic loss of our wonderful Dr. Lionel Meadows,” the post says. “Although the exact details are still unclear, Dr. Meadows’ small plane went down during a storm last night, May 7, 2023.”

Many people who knew Dr. Meadows have expressed their grief over his passing. He was a cherished friend, mentor, and source of inspiration to many.

According to Meadows Surgical Arts, Dr. Meadows was traveling alone when the plane he was piloting crashed.
According to Meadows Surgical Arts, Dr. Meadows was traveling alone when the plane he was piloting crashed. (Image Source: Facebook)

Dr. Meadows was renowned for his medical expertise and surgical skills, as well as his kind demeanor and dedication to providing exceptional patient care.

It was a tradition for him to pray with his patients before surgery, and now those who knew him ask for prayers as they mourn his death.

Dr. Meadows was flying a small plane owned by his company, Georgia Company of Aspiring Flyers, LLC, in Clarkesville.

The FlightAware app indicates that the plane took off from South Bend, Indiana, at around 4 pm on Sunday, with a planned destination of the Jackson County Airport in Jefferson, Georgia, but it has yet to arrive.

The crash was reported by a 911 caller on Sunday evening, and Polk County, Tennessee, EMA Director Stephen Lofty confirmed the impact to reporters.

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