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Vlad Vexler Illness And Health Update: Wikipedia Age And Family

Vlad Vexler illness and health update: the British moral and political philosopher developed a condition called ME in the early 2000s. For now, he is doing much better.

Vlad Vexler is a philosopher working in morals and musicology. He resides in London and creates great content on YouTube addressing different niches such as culture, art, and politics.

The widely known fact about the philosopher is that he has ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

It is a disabling and complex illness that makes the individual unable to do their usual activities.

At a time, the disease may even confine them to the bed. So, let’s get to know the philosopher and his illness in detail today.

Vlad Vexler Illness And Health Update

Around the early 2000s, Vlad Vexler lived in Oxford and was a postgraduate student. He got sick with a couple of viruses and developed Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

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Back then, he couldn’t walk, talk, read, not even think. He wasn’t just physically debilitated but also cognitively. He got better within three or four years. However, he still has health limitations.

Vlad Vexler
Vlad Vexler has ME, a condition where the patient suffers from a physical and cognitive disability. (Source: Youtube)

In his video titled “Why, I love walking, but can’t,” the British philosopher explained that he still can’t walk as much as he wants. He disclosed that people with ME have cellular energy problems that worsen with exercise.

He added that their IQ drops slightly when ME patients walk about 20 or 30 steps. In addition, their other symptoms like muscle pain, weird feeling, and an imbalance in body temperature.

For now, Vlad can walk quite a bit. But going on a long walk is a special occasion for him, as he has to select the right day with good health conditions. So, he might be unable to walk for weeks or months, depending on where he is with his health condition.

Above all, Vlad was vocal about ME awareness and shared many things surrounding the disease. Apart from that, the Vlad Vexler Shows offer a guide to surviving and making sense of the 21st century.

Vlad Vexler Wikipedia And Age: How Old Is He? 

Vlad Vexler grew up between the soviet union Israel and the UK. He is in his early forties as of October 2022.

Although Vlad Vexler’s illness has been the biggest part of his life, he is also famous for sharing his thoughts and ideas about the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, on his YouTube channel.

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Most of his works are in political and moral philosophy. Additionally, his YouTube channel has over 86.8K subscribers.

Moreover, Vlad also coaches artists and art organizations. He takes an individual’s creative process to the next level and works to overcome creative blocks.

As for his education, he completed his BA degree in politics and philosophy from the University of East Anglia in 2003. Afterward, he enrolled in the University of Oxford and completed his MPhil in political theory in 2004. Vexler also holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of East Anglia.

Vlad Vexler Family

Talking about Vlad Vexler’s family, he has been tighter-lipped about it. Thus, there is no information about the moral philosopher’s parents, siblings, and family background.

Not only that, but we couldn’t confirm if he was married or not. The philosopher never talks about his wife or kids, which he might not have. However, it is just an assumption.

Hopefully, Vlad will share more about his parents, family background, and love life in the coming days.

To conclude, Vlad Vexler developed chronic fatigue syndrome during his college days. Although there is some limitation, the philosopher is doing well in his life. We wish him a more prosperous life ahead.


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