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Aaron Paul Net Worth : Career & Lifestyle

The actor, known for his fabled tales as a meth dealer, the man who rode the infamous Ford Mustang, the lazy bum from Bojack, and the guy with 5 Emmy awards, aka Aaron Paul, has a significant net worth of $20 million!

Aaron Paul is an actor, producer, and director who rose to fame through his character of Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.

In Frame: Aaron Paul

Initially, Aaron started out with smaller roles in several music videos, guest roles, and minor roles in movies.

Breaking Bad was a breakthrough, after which he stepped into the limelight and gained many better-suited roles.

Need For Speed, Bojack Horseman, Westworld, Exodus: Gods and Kings were future titles that eventually helped Aaron get bigger in the industry.

Quick Facts

Here are some specific details that highlight the celebrated actor,

Full Name Aaron Paul Sturtevant
Net Worth $20 Million
Birth Date August 27, 1979
Birth Place Emmett, Idaho
Nick Name Aaron Paul
Religion Baptist
Nationality                          American
Ethnicity English, German, Scottish
Languages Spoken English
Education Centennial High School
Father’s Name Robert Struvenant
Mother’s Name Darla Struvenant
Siblings NA
Offspring 1 Daughter (Story Annabelle)
Age 44 Years Old
Height 5 feet 8 in
Weight 70 kg (154 lb)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Spouse’s Name Laura Parsekian
Profession Actor, Producer, Voice Actor
Active Since 1998
Endorsements Xbox One, Juicy Fruit, VitaminWater, Mazda
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update May, 2024

Aaron Paul: Net Worth and Income

The Emmy-winning character, best known for his critical role in the show “Breaking Bad,” Aaron Paul is worth a whopping $20 million!

Even though almost all of this income is through his acting career, a part of it also comes through his endeavors as a producer and a director.

Breaking Bad was a major contributor to his net worth. Since the show aired back in 2008, his average salary per episode was $150,000.

Near the end of the show, he was cashing in even more impressive amounts reaching up to $200,000.

Just considering the final season, he was able to amass a significant sum, nearing around 3 Million!

This show was just the beginning for Aaron. He starred in a couple of movies in successive years and bagged a hefty amount with each role.

Starting with Helios, he received $320,000. Following that, he was the central character in Need for Speed that got him $550,000.

After that, he received a paycheck of $1.4 Million for Father and Daughter. And, for Triple 9, he brought home a huge bag with $1.9 million!

Aside from the usual acting career, some portion of the totality also stems up through numerous talk shows and photographs.

One of his most appreciated characters is Todd Chavez from the nihilistic show Bojack Horseman,” where he was a voice actor and an executive producer.

Adjacently, he returned as Jesse Pinkman in the spin movie El Camino: A Breaking Bad,” and even though it didn’t gross as much as the series, it must have got him a decent amount back.

Net Worth of Aaron Paul in Different Currencies

Let’s have a look into Aaron Paul’s net worth in different currencies. 

Currency Net Worth
Euro € 16.9 Million
Pound Sterling £ 14.465 Million
Australian Dollar A$ 26.962 Million
Canadian Dollar C$ 25.17 Million
Indian Rupee ₹ 1,491,599,000
BitCoin ฿ 628.54

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Aaron Paul: Houses & Cars


When it comes to a house, Aaron Paul seriously knows how to live in style.

He returned to his hometown, and in the enclosed deep within the secluded forests of Idaho, he built a rustic cabin that resembles nature all around.

Just imagine a getaway cabin by the lake surrounded by forests covered in snow, and a huge 13-ton hearthstone with a fireplace at its base to keep warm.

The house additionally features a sauna, a theatre equipped with a beer tap, and billiards!

This is the perfect house. However, it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. Apparently, the total cost for this house alone was over $1.4 Million!

Aaron Paul’s Magnificent Living Room [Source: architecturaldigest.com]
Built from scratch by Pearson Design Group, the house is an escape from the busy LA lifestyle that Aaron used to have.

Apparently, it took over four years of construction with all the minute details and the feel to complete!

Having bought up in the neighborhood, he says that the cabin, which they’ve named “Camp Pretty Bird,” resembles his early life as a child as it’s close to where his grandparents owned an A-frame house.

It takes me right back to my childhood—lying in the back seat and staring up at the trees, covered in snow. – Paul on his house and his childhood

Besides the house that he currently resides in, he had a 2,396 square foot mansion up in sunset strip, LA.

And even though it was a banger, he put it for sale 2 years back for around $2.5 million.


From Breaking Bad to Need For Speed, Aaron Paul has been behind the wheels of some really distinct badass cars.

However, none of it really compares to his own vintage 1965 Shelby Cobra!

As one of the rarest sports cars on the planet, with only 348 units produced, its sheer brilliance and presence remain unmatched in many aspects.

How rare is this car? Today, this very model would amount to a whopping $2.5 million. And, the price is the farthest thing that makes this car so darn perfect.

From the gorgeous body to its monstrous power, everything about this car screams awesome, and it’s no wonder that Aaron absolutely loves this car.

Aaron Paul car
Aaron Paul in his Vintage Shelby Cobra

Besides the vintage ride, he also owns the 1969 Ford Torino GT, a parting gift he received from the production company of Need for Speed.

Other than that, he even has a Lamborghini Aventador with a price tag of $695,000 sitting in his garage.

Among his prized collection is also the Land Rover Defender 90, which he adores a lot.

Aaron Paul: Lifestyle & Vacations


Being a celebrity has its perks, and Aaron sure knows how to make use of his stature to heighten up his lifestyle.

He loves watches, the one he has currently is a $9,650 Rolex Datejust watch 41.

Having souvenirs and awards from different shows and movies is kind of a big deal too.

He especially loves to collect all these little items that sort of remind him of his time in different sets.

Aside from that, he is a big admirer of music too.

He has tons of gears, and every once in a while, he hosts underground music nights in his music room stationed in the basement.

Moreover, he even brings a number of bands to this get-together.

Furthermore, he often partakes in podcasts, too, where the audio gears that he has, comes in handy.

Apparently, Aaron Paul really loves cookies and whiskey too.

Chocolate cookies and a nice glass of whiskey or scotch is something that he really enjoys a lot on occasions.

Of course, it’s not always just fun, though.

He has a kid, and at times it does get quite hectic dealing with the responsibilities of having a toddler.

Often, he loves to sit down with his wife and plays a game of backgammon too.

He’s fairly active in social media, and generally, he posts the kind of stuff that promotes his endorsements or products.

However, he still loves to share a couple of his day-to-day updates too.


Aaron and his wife absolutely adore vacations. They go out to different places, usually mountains, where they can snowboard.

A while back, when he was in the Jimmy Kimmel show, he mentioned that he’d gone to South Africa.

The wildlife really made an impression on him as he ventured through the Kruger National Park.

To celebrate his 40th birthday, he jetted off to the Dominican Republic for 12 days!

It was Organized by his wife and 28 of his closest friends, including Bryan Cranston, it was certainly a grand celebration for him.

Aaron Paul vacation
Aaron Paul, his Wife, and Close Friends in their vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Their stay alone racked up a huge $300,000! Infinity pools, secluded beaches, snorkeling, kayaking, ship cruise, cocktails, and more surely made the party a part of his fondest memories.

In 2016, he rented a $5k per night Utah vacation home for his brother’s bachelor party that came equipped with a pool, fireplace, and even a pool table.

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Aaron really knows how to give back to the world. He supports several causes that include LGBTQ, Bullying, Children, Women, and Creative Arts.

Him, alongside his wife, have been an avid supported and contributors to different campaign surrounding the aforementioned causes.

His wife even has her own non-profit organization named, The Kind Campaign.

The organization primarily aims to tackle bullying issues, and through this organization, they wish to impart knowledge and prevent girl-on-girl bullying.

For the Kind Campaign, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Paul amassed a huge $1.8 million through a contest.

Through omaze.com, those who donated for the cause had an opportunity to join Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul for breakfast in the actual RV from the show Breaking Bad itself.

Aaron Paul: Career, Endorsements


When talking about career, it’s obvious that Aaron didn’t immediately make it to the big screens.

In the beginning, he tried his luck in modeling.

After placing 2nd and being signed by the manager in a competition run by Internation Modeling and Talent Association

He even went on to appear in a couple of Music videos and TV advertisements.

Soon after, he landed a part in the HBO series Big Love, where he appeared 14 times.

After this, he secured the role of Jesse Pinkman on the AMC series Breaking Bad.

This role changed things for the better, and eventually, it brought him several offers that led to titles such as Helios, Need For Speed, and Triple 9.

It’s not just that though, the role of Jesse Pinkman was able to grab 5 Emmy awards under the supporting actor category!

Following these, he was then cast as a voice actor for Bojack Horseman, where he even made it to executive producer.

Speaking of, as a voice actor, he even voiced the protagonist in Final Fantasy XV.

He again portrayed Jesse Pinkman in the Breaking Bad Spin-Off movie El Camino.

At the moment, he’s actually working on a sci-fi thriller titled Dual.


In terms of Endorsements, Aaron has partnered up with brands like Xbox One, Mazda, Vitamin Water, and Juicy Fruit to date.

However, nothing is as big as compared to Dos Hombres. The mezcal company that he opened up with his Breaking Bad partner, Bryan Cranston.

Aaron Paul endorsements
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston showing off their product – Dos Hombres [Source: vinepair.com]
The duo started the company around 2 years back with the intention of working together even after Breaking bad.

The adventure is still going on, and often both are seen promoting the product on their social media handles.

3 Facts About Aaron Paul

  • Apparently, Aaron Paul has to listen to chill music to prevent road rage!
  • If Aaron Paul were a Star Wars character, he says he’d most probably be the Chewbacca.
  • The biggest similarity between Aaron Paul and Jesse Pinkman is that they both have a gentle spot for kids.


Does Aaron Paul have Tattoos?

Yes, Aaron Paul has a tattoo that might bring back a ton of memories for the Breaking Bad fans out there.

Specifically, his tattoo reads, “No Half Measures,” in cursive and is the title name of episode 12 from Season 3.



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